Brad O’Neill: The Only Thing Missing From The Voice UK Is A VOICE’


Here we go and the Fifth episode of The Voice UK has landed, and thankfully it’s the best thing on a Saturday night right now. Again I believe it’s no X Factor or BGT but it still provides me with entertainment. 

The first contestant was a Freak. Freaky Girl. Shakira, the rapping songstress performed ‘Freak Of The Week’ that got me dancing round my living room. The only coach to turn was Will, who in my humble opinion is the only one with taste. She showed us all The Voice UK is lacking performance and edge right now, you better step up the song choices people.

Our second act is just terrible with Will accidentally turning round for him which devastated me. I can’t even cope with the drama of this episode (jokes).
Tom from the tiny town of Hextable breaks the toilet seat apparently. Great start Tom. As for the singing, he sang one of my all time favourite songs ‘Hometown Glory’ by Adele, and I feel he fell short a little. Unfortunately it’s back to Hextable for Tom.

Zara with the deep vocals took to the stage next hoping to gain from where Tom failed. I wouldn’t turn purely on personal taste, however she is good. Zara didn’t get the turns though and walked off stage to her devastated family. The competition is getting harder as there aren’t many spaces on the coaches teams left.

Taylor and Ritchie aka. Borsey made there mark on the stage with ‘Wicked Games’ making Gavin go nuts and press his button. I thought the duo were very memorable and different, could they be ones to watch.

After watching a few failed performances, Scarlet the princess sang nicely. But the kind of nice you use when you pity someone. Then it got worse and she didn’t just crash the car, she wrote it off.

When someone has purple hair, you know they are going to be good. With an epic song choice it seems Dannii can do no wrong. Thank God for Sir Tom Jones who turned at the last moment. Yes Dannii, good luck girl.

Lucy with the famous parents belted out ‘Will You Still Love Me’ to an encore of praise getting Tom and Gavin turning around. After a really boring pitch she went with Sir Tom (no brainier).

Miss Cherry Bomb tries her luck on the show and I’m thinking she may not get through. Singing ‘Diamonds are Forever’ she doesn’t make it through.

The church boy with the soul is up next singing a JHUD song, he better nail it. Israel for me killed the song. He sucked the soul out of it. Lifeless.

Obviously Jennifer turned with Gavin as they don’t hear what real people hear. Who will he go with? Jennifer. Shocker.

My final thoughts on the episode are mixed, with the talent being very poor tonight but the show being generally entertaining. I hope to find something better on next weeks show. I still have my eyes firmly on Clara from last week who is my winner. Catch my review next week to see what I think. Thanks for reading all!

Brad O’Neill

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