A chat with behind the scenes MUA supremo Nikki Tipping


Following a weekend of London Fashion Week catwalks, colourful designs, trendy west end parties and thousands of pounds worth of make-up I sat down with a leading make-up artists and celebrity stylists Nikki Tipping to get the lowdown on what its really like working at fashion shows. 

If you’ve ever watched exotic models walk the runway at the fashion shows of Milan and Paris, you’ve likely noticed that along with the beautiful designer clothes, they feature stunning makeup as well.

Fashion makeup artists use their sought-after skills behind the scenes of runway shows, translating each designer’s vision into trend-setting makeup looks that complement the clothes to perfection.

Nikki was at Fashions Finest this weekend with Lydia Lucy and Tom Bleasby and we got a behind the scenes tour of what was going on….

Nikki told us “Working at fashion events is crazy, but a nice crazy.. Because you’re working with a varied form of talented people across so many different platforms. When you’re leading a team, you’ve obviously chosen your team so you believe in them as much as they believe in you.. which results in creating the result you want”

When asked about her experience working on Lydia and Tom she said “working with artists like Lydia and Tom is always a pleasure because they are both genuinely such nice people. I’m proud to work alongside such talented people along with the media attention they receive gives me a real buzz and a feeling of proudness too. I love them both as people, artists and friends”

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