Brad O’Neill on CBB: Calum turns from sloth to snake


Day 26 and this series is shaping up to be one of the best Celebrity Big Brother Chanel 5 has ever done. With the final week now here, it’s a savage race to the finish and anyone could take the crown, (Not that their is an actual crown) 

The episode opens to Jedward and the Blair witch (as the twins like to call her). They have been at each other since the day Jedward entered the house and there relationship has worsened as the series has progressed. Give it till Wednesday and I think we might have some actual blood spilled. 

Columnist: Brad O’Neill

We then move to this weeks task “The Final Judgment” which sees some Ex-housemates and familiar faces explode onto our screens. Led by the cutting Vanessa Feltz who grills Bianca, on the fact she has a secret boyfriend on the outside and hasn’t told showmancer Jamie (AWKWARD) 

Then the CBB legend takes the stage to drill the repulsive Nicola McLean on why she is so vile to the twins. GOOD ON YOU LOUISA. Jedward are having to constantly defend themselves from a pack of wolves!! I hate to use the word bullying but if they were on there own I truly think they might have broke down by now.

Next up Saira takes to the stand to drill James on why he is so boring. I don’t think he is boring! Yes he isn’t the loudest or maybe the center of attention, but he doesn’t take the bait of the trained wind up merchants in this house, that’s a gift on its own.

Judge Vanessa: I call Callum to the stand. (Yawn) Callum is drilled heavily as to why he went so boring after his mother left, his answer…….(yawn)…..I can’t even remember as I’m so bored! 

Coleen is next to get a drilling by the sexist John McCririck, and this is the first time I’m ok with Nicola saying it how it is. PUT HIM IN HIS PLACE!!
After Kim is getting probed on why she has changed her personality from Dragon to Unicorn by the amazing Louisa, it leaves me to say she is my favourite. Kim Woodburn you don’t just clean toilets, you entertain millions. All the Lovies in the house say hell yeah.

The court room is a great concept, between the four interrogators and judge, they are truly going in on them all. It’s like watching an episode of Game Of Thrones.

Later on we see Callum trying to be entertaining after his feedback earlier on, he thinks soaking Coleen is entertaining. ‘Sexy…everything about you so sexy’ (Make it stop) leave the entertaining to Jedward and Kim.

To summarise this episode, I am loving this series so much. I think Chanel 5 have taken some ideas from how Chanel 4 used to edit big brother, as there are rumours running that they want to extend the series (Please do). However It comes to an end this Friday! Who will win, You decide.

I would love to see Jedward or Kim take the crown, if they don’t God help you chicken liverd s**ts. Will this happen? HELL YES! As always thanks for reading my article, if you like what I write (which all of you do) then check out my other articles on CBB and The Voice UK.

Brad O’Neill

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