Some Christmas tips to beat the Santa belly by Motion Fitness


By Motion Fitness

Its only bloody December now ay! how the bloody hell did that happen!
I’m going to be spreading some Christmas tips to beat the Santa belly while the mince pies are out in force!
my first tip to staying sexy in ya skimpy pants is to change your mind. not your habits just yet!
I take my days one step at a time with my clients, I understand this time of year the booze flows and the tempting food is EVERYWHERE, but it takes a little thought.
instead of thinking blow it its Christmas ill start in the new year start NOW it doesn’t have to make your life more miserable than a Tupperware box of chicken broccoli and rice.
think of each meal and training session as a step towards a fitter sexier you, everytime you eat is another foot forward that can be several steps forward EVERYDAY add in some training and movement your on fire! so over the week you’ve taken 50 steps in the right direction but a couple of mince pies and a few glasses of wine that’s 5 steps back, you re still well ahead towards your goals if you aren’t going mad with treats! I allow clients 10-20% of total calories everyday to come from anything they want, that’s a glass of wine, some biscuits or a wee cake! you can keep it up throughout December and still get sexy as hell by Jan! that’s another whole month towards your summer dream bod before all the “new year new me” starts
such a simple change can make a huge difference if you are keeping an eye on what you eat, drink and keeping up exercising you can have a rocking December, not seem a social outcast and make awesome progress,
a final note remember calories on Christmas day don’t count! 🙂

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