London College Of Garden Design launches innovative new design courses


The London College of Garden Design has launched it’s 2017 short course schedule with the aim of promoting different ways of looking at garden and planting design. The new courses include subjects ranging from designing gardens for children in their earlier years to designing for dementia.

Andrew Fisher Tomlin who leads the College’s innovative new Planting Design Diploma said “There is an incredible volume of research that is going into the value of green space and we wanted to reflect this in promoting new skills for professional garden designers and landscape architects as well as the keen gardener”

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The College is uniquely placed to offer these courses through it’s partnership with the Royal Horticultural Society at Wisley Garden. Some of these courses are supporting the RHS’s own campaigns for schools gardens and health.

Fisher Tomlin added “I am particularly pleased that we are able to offer a course on designing gardens for dementia. It’s an area that is becoming even more important but with people staying at home with this condition there has until recently been very little support to show how you might design gardens for keen gardeners who have got dementia in later life. This course will go some way to address that.”
The courses run throughout 2017 and can be accessed at

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