Jordan Charles Tully talks coming out & thanks supporters in exclusive interview


After 20year old Jordan Tully decided to come out on MTV’s Judge Geordie, things just havent been the same for him.

He told us “not only did doing that show change my life in an amazing way with regards to my sexuality and being more open and honest but it changes my life for health reasons as well.”

“For me coming out is something I had weighed up in my head for a long time , at first I felt it wasn’t something I should have to do as I have friends who are straight and they haven’t had to come out or confirm their sexuality to anyone so I felt like why should I ?”

Jordan decided to come out on TV as he wanted to show his pride with who he was and alike most celebrities stay in the closet for a vast majority of time and when they do come out we only see the success and not the struggles they went through.

Speaking candidly Jordan told us “I was really lucky throughout my life I never experienced bullying but I fully well know that it’s out there and some people do experience it daily and I honestly can’t even imagine what they are going through but I honestly mean this when I say that everyone is different and no two peoples coming out would be the same but I do hope people do find the inner strength to do it because my life feel so much more open and honest since I did!”

2017 is set to be a busy year for the star who couldn’t comment on his upcoming work projects but told us “In my personal life I always have a lot of positive things to look forward to such as hopefully going abroad again to do charity work similar to what I did a few years ago but this time now I’m older I’m hoping I can offer a lot more, and I also am going to be attending my first gay pride since coming out so I am so so excited!”

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