Inspired by Global Entrepreneurship Week? Blue Moose unveils best startup tips


Global Entrepreneurship Week started in 2008 and was the result of Enterprise Week UK and Entrepreneurship Week USA coming together. Since it began, more than 10 million people from 102 countries have participated in entrepreneurial-related activities during the week.

Starting the journey in becoming an entrepreneur can be challenging and learning as much as you can before setting up your own business could be paramount to your success. It may be hard to prepare yourselves for what could transpire during this process and you might find that you need additional help, even after you’ve set up your business. When it comes to your finances and accounts, this could be a particularly difficult area, but working alongside an outsourced CFO can help you to effectively manage your bookkeeping so that everything has been done correctly during the most important time of your business start-up. Learning all you need to know at events like this could be a vital starting point in helping you to prepare for your new career path.

Personalized marketing specialists, Blue Moose are dedicated to supporting young entrepreneurs; here the firm shares their advice on how to ensure an entrepreneur is set up for success from the offset.

  1. Talk to people – by talking to people (customers, advisors, experts, potential investors, and the media), an entrepreneur can get feedback to make their idea better. The more an entrepreneur talks through their idea with different people, the easier it is to refine it.
  2. Find out if people are interested- surveys are a great way to find out if people are interested or if there is a need for the idea given.
  3. Continue to grow – a start-up shouldn’t be afraid to move too fast, but there should be a support to ensure that the idea doesn’t collapse. It is important to push boundaries, be it with internal drive or by hiring an outsourced sales team uk to assist with the efforts. Otherwise, the idea will never move forward at all.

Based in Manchester, Blue Moose is an outsourced sales and marketing firm that specializes in personalized marketing services. The company sets up and manages its client’s direct marketing needs, which allows them to connect with consumers on a face-to-face basis and encourages long-lasting personal business relationships between brand and consumer. If you are unsure about what exactly they are then you can learn about outsourced sales here, you can build up your knowledge of them and see if this is the right avenue for your business to take.

Blue Moose support young entrepreneurs through the firm’s extensive business development opportunity. These opportunities mentor young entrepreneurs on the fundamental skills that are needed to run their own business in the sales and marketing industry. Blue Moose mentor young entrepreneurs on sales techniques, financial planning, for example, using a company like CloudPay for global payroll, leadership skills, consumers trends and how to build professional relationships with customers and business partners.

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