Inside Tesco’s sumptuous Christmas range


This weekend Brits are set to kick off the festive holidays with a bumper weekend of parties and gatherings, filled with canapés, sliders and other mini treats.

Reality TV fans in particular have helped turn this into a major social occasion.

So great is the appetite for luxurious party treats, that at Tesco nearly 75 percent of all party food bought across the year is snapped up in the two weeks either side of Christmas. For some people, their freezers can’t take the amount of food they need, that is why companies such as Ice Cool Trailers are a welcome companion during this time so no food is wasted from being left out of the freezer.

During this period fans of the UK’s most popular reality TV shows – Strictly Come Dancing and The Apprentice as well as the BBC Sports Personality of the Year, gather together to hold viewing parties and events to enjoy the spectacle of the grand finales.

Tesco party food buyer Amelia Roberts explains:

“The finals of the Strictly Come Dancing and The Apprentice have become real focal points for parties and entertaining in December.

“We sell three quarters of our Christmas nibbles and drinks at this time and we know that guests expect to see a spectacle on their plates as well as on screen.

“Party food is often seen as a cheat treat over the festive season, so this year we have upped the luxury stakes with sumptuous delights like Mini Scallop Thermidor; Venison and Red Wine Pies, and Potato Wrapped King Prawns, we are confident that we have a range for any armchair reality show judge.

“This Christmas we’re helping hosts make their parties even better with affordable upmarket delicacies that are ready to serve in minutes.”

Other key treats this year at Tesco include finest* 8 Katsu Chicken Curry Spring Rolls, finest* Brie and Cranberry Parcels, Prawn and Crab Baskets, finest* 12 Souflettes,10 King Prawn Toast, Belgium Chocolate Profiteroles, and 12 Mini Cheesecakes.

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