A candid interview with Prince Thompson Iyamu


By Dan Bryans

Prince Thompson Iyamu is the Founder/CEO of the African Film and Music Award (AFMA), Hair Architecture Ltd (Salon), A Royal descendant from Benin, Edo State, Nigeria, son of Prince Tom Iyamu, but was born in London – also being a published author we held an interview with him

What inspired you to start the AFMA?

It has always been on my mind to do it, Finally, I had the opportunity to start it. African Film & Music Award (Afmaward) was Launched in 2015 it’s an inaugural film and music award, first held in the nation, as a celebration of the musical and film achievements of both past and present African stars.
Our mission is to appreciate the efforts that have been made by past film and music Practioner’s and to inspire upcoming actors, actresses, musicians and film practitioners who are thriving in the African film and music industry, with the AFMAwards.

You are obviously a multi-tasker, how do you make time for your varied duties?

My siblings are the ones that takes care of business when I’m busy.

How does London life compare to back home in Nigeria?
London Life is fantastic I love it, also I was born In London, there is not much difference between London and Nigeria just the weather everything else is great, although I had my Education in Nigeria and then come back to England to start my career.

Is acting something you are looking to give more time?
No, but In the early years I loved it, but now, I’m more focus in my Businesses, Aside from that, I’m also a Published Author of the book Titled ”The Players Code.” and it’s going to be a Trilogy also, I just launched the second edition. The book ”The Players Code is to assist any man or woman in harnessing the skills needed to improve his relationship with his woman and vice versa. I teach that for a woman to feel the attraction for her partner, she has to FEEL some sexual or positive emotion and then associate those emotions with him. Relationships and sex should not be a one-sided relationship. If a man wants a blowjob machine he should consider the woman’s feelings and needs as well. How can he include her in a way that is positive?

This book is designed for both men and women to give them the confidence to win and sustain a pleasurable and lasting relationship. Everyone needs a little helping hand every now and again and there’s no shame in using additional resources to learn how to pleasure your partner. I have honed in on my experience with women growing up as a teenager to give you this fascinating insight on improving on what you already have inside you.
And also It is for the fellows who want to have a better understanding of certain components of ” The Lovers Game,” and for the man who knows that success is within reach if some obstructions are removed.

That’s why I’m sharing how I was able to unleash my sexual fantasies to reality and some essential code (strategies) needed to make your sex life fun. Including sex lubricants and toys or just using your imagination is sure to improve anyone’s sex life so why not do it?

This is a very inspiring, very warm and moving intergenerational epic that confirms my virtuosity, boundless empathy and searing sexual acuity. Numerous couples experience a deadbedroom which is unexciting and limp but this book will go a long way to spice up your sex life, help you find the missing piece in your sex life, as well as help you and your sex partner get to know each other better and build stronger bonds of trust between the both of you. You’ll both be much happier and relaxed after reading the book.

What can we expect from you in 2017?
By the Grace of the Almighty ”GOD,” my Plans for 2017 is to Expand my business and take it to a higher level.

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