An interview with author & Showbiz interviewer Scott McGlynn


Scott McGlynn is an author, showbiz & celebrity interviewer, TV presenter and soon to be a podcaster … We held an interview with him.

Q. How did you get into showbiz interviews ?
I started my blog and it wasn’t getting the buzz on what I was doing, so I had a think and do what I love interview celebrities 🙂

Q. Who are some of the most exciting people you have interviewed ?
The most is Jinix from rupauls drag race, I interview people all around the world, recently I interviewed a guy who is huge in Australia and America but not in the uk, it all depends where am I and who I’m interviewing 🙂

Q. Talk to us about your book OUT, what inspired it ?
I enjoy writing, and I wanted to share with people my struggle coming out and bullying, I wrote my high school experiences and how it was 100% truth day by day. I hope it helped others.

Q. What do you hope to achieve by being an LGBT advocate ?
Being there for people who needs any advice or if they need someone to talk to 🙂 it great to support people!

Q. What can we expect from you in future ? 
I’m working on my brand new podcast show called ‘The Scott McGlynn Show’ which it he guest, games and talking with people who are looking to come out or suffering from bullying. Which I’m really excited about!!

I’m working on a TV show as well which I’m presenting the showbiz news, coming early January 🙂

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