Tim Bryans writes Nigel Farage should be awarded a government role


Nigel Farage should be awarded a government role NOT only because he is Trump’s friend

UKIP’s interim leader and the man that brought us BREXIT has been underestimated quite a lot in British politics, this isn’t another series of Xfactor where you are paraded week in-week out with a bunch of wannabe’s who go on to form the Zlist elite who grace the tabloids for months to come, we are talking about a man who man history for the UK who will go down with some of the legends in being pioneers for upholding the sovereignty of the United Kingdom.

Following Mr Farage’s open support of Donald Trump he received some criticism and some people deemed the Trump campaign ‘desperate’ in involving the UKIP premiere in the campaign leg however his involvement has paid off and now Mr Trump has a proven rapport and we saw that over the weekend as Mr Farage together with his UKIP delegation became the first representatives from the UK to meet the President-elect at Trump Towers none the less.

Now with all the criticism Downing Street want to throw at Mr Farage they need to remember how important America is now with our soon coming Article 50 !! What doesn’t particularly help their sorry excuse of a cause is how Downing Street’s top aides have publicly mocked and criticised Donald Trump and our very own boss in charge of Foreign Affairs made some very unsavoury comments about the soon to be leader of the free world.

So which ever angle you look at it, Nigel Farage is needed by the British government right now and the quicker they offer him a job the quicker negotiations with America can begin.

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