Kerri Mitchell writes The Very First Step of Skin Care….. Makeup !


When you re-decorate at home you don’t just paint over the old woodwork without some preparation. That said I am sure some people do but most don’t – I know I don’t. There is groundwork involved. You rub the wood down to remove the old paint. Any holes or indentations are filled. These are then rubbed down again. You apply undercoat and rub it down again to ensure all the imperfections are gone and finally you apply the topcoat. This gives the best result. You get a smooth, even, and top-notch finish. Before you go back and check the title, this is an article on Makeup and not decorating.

To introduce myself, I am Kerri, the beauty editor for the magazine. I am a makeup artist and beauty therapist with years of experience in makeup.

Makeup has been used throughout the ages. Four thousand years ago, Egyptians added colours to their face as beauty was regarded as a sign of holiness. Unlike us, however, Cleopatra couldn’t just head down to the high street and go into Boots or Superdrug to pick up some eyeshadow or mascara. It was made especially for her. We are lucky as we can just pop out and pick up hundreds of cosmetic products. Cheap, expensive, very expensive or outright extortionate they may be, but easily available they are and that is where the dis-similarities between then and now end……. Egyptians, the Ancient Greeks and the Romans all looked after their skin using simple routines.

Millions and millions of pounds have been spent on the development of products by umpteen cosmetic companies throughout the ages but there is still one common denominator that never changes… it is applied to skin – the canvas for their products. To make the best use of their products the maintenance of the canvas is imperative.

We take care of our face during the day, washing it first thing in the morning, applying products to protect and moisturise it to keep it looking smooth and retain its’ suppleness. We apply suntan lotions when necessary. But what about at night? While we sleep our bodies are hard at work regenerating new cells, repairing old ones and combating the physical signs of aging. That’s why it’s so important that we get a good night’s sleep. Our body is working hard whilst we’re asleep, so making sure we get 8 hours of sleep can help. If anyone struggles with sleeping, it might be worth changing your mattress to see if that makes a difference. Perhaps a Sleep Number Alternative would be beneficial. So before you catch your shut-eye tonight, consider following some simple steps to help your body do what it does best – keep you looking young and healthy.

Cleanse: Wash your face every night. This removes your daily makeup and environmental contaminants that have been picked up throughout the day. If you have been wearing makeup during the day, use a makeup remover suitable for you skin type. If you haven’t worn makeup use a mild facial cleansing soap or a gentle skin cleanser and gently scrub away the daily build-up. Don’t forget the eyes. Use a simple eye cleanser to remove makeup and / or those same contaminants.

Closeup portrait of a woman  applying dry cosmetic tonal foundation  on the face using makeup brush.

Heat: Using warm – not hot – water, wet a face cloth, and wring it out before placing it over your face for a few moments. This warmth opens and unclogs pores while also dilating the veins, increasing blood flow, which assists in bringing health and healing to your skin.

Moisturise: Applying a moisturiser just before bed is a great way to ensure you wake up with glowing skin. You can use a facial oil/cream or something as simple as coconut oil for added moisture. If you are looking for a little more kick, use an anti-aging product that will help fight age and dark spots while you catch your shut-eye. There are also products that help to get rid of the creases and wrinkles in your skin, working to make them dramatically less visible. Wrinkle Filler, works instantly to fill in deep wrinkles and create a base you can work with to apply makeup flawlessly. Egyptians used a milk and honey mix as a moisturiser for both their faces and bodies

Exfoliate: Once or twice a week use a skin exfoliator. This assists in the removal of dead skin cells. Exfoliation not only helps many skin problems, it also increases blood circulation, which in turn helps you to achieve healthy and glowing skin. Always be sure to read labels carefully and choose the product with the best and safest ingredients. Many Egyptian women used salt from the Dead Sea as an exfoliator both for their face and their bodies.

Hydrate: While you can apply moisture externally to the skin, the real trick is adding moisture internally as well by staying hydrated throughout the day and just before bed. Drinking plenty of water keeps the skin tight and plump helps promote collagen and improves a youthful appearance. The skin is the biggest organ of the body and loves water. It carries out many functions that are very important for your good health. Keeping it hydrated assists it to work effectively and the recommended intake of water each day is at least two liters. This sounds a lot but isn’t when you drink throughout the day.

Rest: Finally, but by no means, the least important thing you can do for your skin at night is to get plenty of sleep. Aim for at least eight hours every night. While you’re sleeping, your body is repairing itself, including your skin. If you don’t get enough sleep, your skin will look tired and dull and the extreme chronic lack of sleep contributes to signs of premature aging. If you have been having trouble sleeping then maybe you would like to try products that will help conquer this such as CBD from Area 52 and other places. Not only does the CBD relax you to help you have a great night’s sleep but it also has properties that are able to help skin problems, making it a great addition to any skincare routine.

Taking care of your skin is important both in the morning and at night. With just a little investment each day you can help create radiant, youthful skin you will love and be the perfect canvas for makeup application. Skincare can really improve the natural look of the face, providing a better base for makeup. However, sometimes skincare isn’t enough. If your skincare routine doesn’t seem to be brightening your skin, it might be worth visiting a local dermatologist. Dermatologists can offer professional advice regarding the skin, helping it to return to a much healthier state. Perhaps some people might want to consider visiting a dermatologist similar to those at The Devonshire Clinic (discover more about them here). By visiting an experienced dermatology clinic, people can ensure that they will be receiving advice and treatments tailored to their skin. This should help the skin to look healthier and brighter.

Never forget, makeup is used to enhance natural features and suppress blemishes when necessary. Makeup most definitely is not the first step in looking good. Lifestyle and caring for your skin is the first step. A basic night time skincare regime will add loads and loads of value to your final look.

Next time: Foundation – what, why, when, what?

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