Are you having a bad day, week, month?

World caving in? Feeling like crawling under the duvet to never resurface or wishing you could rewind and start over?

Well we all have ’em so what do you do about it.

Some people can just suck it up and crack on others can’t cope you need time, people or cake.

So when you have these days it certainly doesn’t help to be told suck it up buttercup or whatever quote people pick but I hope the below may change how you look at things when you feel neck deep in dog floor biscuit.

Look at it from a new perspective a sexy little angle

You need dark days, you need the crap to enjoy the great, it makes it seem better, life would suck without the dark days ( sounds odd right?) but think about it if life was all daisies sweets and sexy pants it would be boring .

Look back at your life and I bet there’s things you regret, am I right? Well that crappy stuff is what’s built you, made you grow and develop into how you are today, think of it like learning to ride a bike bet you fell off but you got back up and knew falling off hurts, it sucks and not to do it TO BECOME BETTER.

So embrace the dark days it’s like Star Wars you gotta have light and dark, good and evil etc, it’s what shapes you. It’s a choice whether to stay in the dark or fight for the light. So wave your light sabre about,

Don’t let crap days take over pick yourself up dust off your knees and get pedalling darlings the dark side is important and has its place but get back to the sunny joyful side. it’s not always easy but realising that life can be pretty bad at times makes you stronger just don’t let it beat you.

Ben” always got my light sabre out”

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