Dario Cucci writes “Stop Selling, Start Serving Your Customers”


Many retailers are preparing for the busiest shopping period of the year, but how do you keep the customers coming when Christmas is over? Sales and Customer Services Expert Dario Cucci explains how making a simple change to your customer communications will keep business flowing through 2017.

Dario Cucci works with businesses by identifying problems with their current sales strategy and focuses on generating long-term revenue. Over the last 15 years he has developed and refined a relationship sales system that teaches businesses how to improve communications with customers and sustain sales.

Dario Cucci explains, “The mistake which several businesses make is the belief that customers will return purely based on their experience of the product. The reality is that customers will always remember the service they have experienced and how their problems have been handled. To continue your sales, you should grow your relationship with a customer and increase repeat sales.

One way to do this is with point of sale (pos) systems which focus on delivering quality customer service when it comes to paying for items. Though these systems can deliver in other ways in order to facilitate the needs of customers. For example one of the common marijuana pos features is integrated online ordering with personal customer profiles, allowing the business to build rapport with their target market.

“Once someone has purchased a product the groundwork has been done, you’ve built trust and you need to maintain it. A customer who loves your product is likely to tell others about their experience in store or online and recommend you to others.”

Though it is not always about sales and the ability to sell, research has shown that people are more likely to buy on the seventh or eighth point of contact. It can be a mixture in the ways businesses communicate but ultimately businesses should not expect to make a sale the first time they speak to a customer.

“Imagine you have been on a fantastic first date and then do not speak to them for six months. You then call up and ask to borrow some money. They will question why they should give you money and are likely to say no. It’s the same with businesses – why would someone buy from you again if they experienced bad customer service and you were only in touch to ask for payment?”

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