Blue Array Launches Interstitial Penalty Check Tool


Blue Array Ltd, a leading SEO consultancy that specializes in large scale SEO, has announced it has developed its own Interstitial Penalty Check tool to accommodate Google’s new ‘mobile-friendly’ search algorithm penalty that will come into effect from January 2017. This kind of tool would be useful to any of those listed on the SEO company rankings.

In August 2016, Google announced that they are going to start penalising webpages on mobile sites that show intrusive interstitials. This means that pages with intrusive interstitials, for example a popup that covers the main content when a user scrolls through a page, will rank considerably lower. Any sites that have seen a drop, maybe it’s not due to the on-page SEO adjustments, may want to check the Indexer on Rhino Rank, a link outreach specialist that can help with your rankings! SEOs and webmasters have until January 2017 to ensure their websites are more accessible to users.

With no official penalty check tool introduced by Google, Blue Array has developed their own tool to find intrusive interstitials on a webpage. These penalities can move a page down the google ranks and make it less visible to consumers. Businesses spend years trying to build a good profile and high ranking and often use tips from sites like as well as from SEO experts too. It seems only fair to penalise those who have forged their way to the top when other businesses used numerous resources and spend months, if not years, building a good reputation.

The interstitial penalty checking tool uses a cloud-based system that runs a crawler to retrieve every single page of a given website and processes a suite of tests to detect different types of interstitials. As soon as the system completes the scan, it sends a report to the user’s email and if a risk found, the report provides suggestions on how to fix the intrusive interstitials. This is why it is important to read more about how to make good links before pushing ahead.

Following the development of the interstitial penalty check tool, Simon Schnieders, Founder of Blue Array, comments: “We are thrilled to be announcing our latest Interstitial Penalty Check tool. We have been working tirelessly to develop this tool which will enable SEOs and webmasters to know for certain if the mobile interstitials on their website are intrusive enough to trigger a penalty or not.”

Schnieders continues: “When Google announced the latest penalty they also announced there would be no official testing tool. We thought this was an odd decision so we decided to develop our own tool that could check individual pages and crawl entire websites to see if they may be penalised.”

The tool will officially launch at the end of November 2016 and will be available from

Founded in 2015 by Reading-based entrepreneur, Simon Schnieders, Blue Array is a boutique SEO consultancy with the scale of an agency. The firm offers its services to a wide range of clients including; Mumsnet, Simply Business, Time Inc., LoveCrafts, Lexoo and RiseArt.

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