FORMER Conservative Party chairman Brandon Lewis said the party “has to come to terms with what it does next” but said the Labour’s vote share means there will be a “period of huge volatility”.

He told GB News: “There’s no getting away from it, this is the worst result since I think 1906 and that is something the party is going to have to actually come to terms with, think about in terms of what we do next and where the party moves next.

“There’s a huge number of people across the country who have worked hard and will be devastated by this: our members, our supporters, Members of Parliament and candidates themselves.

“So the party is going to have to step back and have a think about this.

“What’s going to be interesting as we go through the night is to see the vote share, the turnout levels, whether Labour have won, not just a landslide in terms of parliamentarians, but whether they’ve won that popular vote in a level that means that they have overwhelmingly won.

“Or are they going to have to be very cautious themselves about the fact that there isn’t that overwhelming wider public support.

“If they win with a very low vote share, then it tells us we’re in that period, which I have said for a few weeks that I think we are, of huge potential volatility between elections.

“There will be a real pressure, understandably, on the government to make sure it’s delivering for people across this country before the next election, you can see things changing dramatically, potentially again.”

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