Letter to Editor: Make sure the next Government is accessible to the Deaf community


Dear Editor,

The morning after the general election, 5 July, will be a historic moment for the UK. Whether it is delivered by a re-elected or newly elected Prime
Minister, their speech to the nation will be a moment of national significance.

It’s a moment that should be accessible to every voter in the UK, including the 87,000 members of the Deaf community who use British
Sign Language (BSL).

The Deaf community has continually been excluded during these key broadcasts from No. 10 because of the lack of a BSL interpreter. RNID has long tried to work with
the Government to ensure that access is provided for the Deaf community.

A public service announcement is just that, but by not including deaf people the Prime Minister is removing their right to have the information at the same time as everyone else.

RNID has written to both Sir Kier Starmer and Rishi Sunak offering them the use of our interpreter for their victory speech on 5 July. Their speech
to the nation will be the start of a new chapter in our country’s history and they cannot lock the Deaf community out.

I encourage all your readers to join our call and sign our letter to make this election inclusive of everyone at

Yours sincerely,

Michael Quinlan

Advocacy Manager at RNID

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