The Top 3 Reviewed Essex Golf Courses


There is a litany of world-famous golf courses scattered throughout the British Isles, but many golf fans are unaware of the concentration of world-class courses in Essex. You could make a strong case for a dozen courses to end up in the top three in the county, and while there might be some debate about which ones have made our list today, there’s no doubt that there’s a wealth of a selection, more so than any scarcity.

1. Chelmsford Golf Club

As a course dating back to the 19th century, Chelmsford boasts a rich history and tradition and continues to be among the highest-rated anywhere in the county. While it might be a few hundred years younger than the Grand Old Lady of St Andrew’s¾which attracts enormous international attention and a raft of betting markets¾courses in Essex have a quieter quality.

Those who play a few holes at Chelmsford are the type who’d partake in a round or two of golf betting, we imagine, but it’s undoubtedly a more low-key venue than some of the grander courses throughout the UK. We’re not here to besmirch Chelmsford. Of course, it’s made our top three for a reason.

Renowned for a mixture of hilly terrain and an eclectic mix of course difficulty, the jewel in the crown for Chelmsford is the par three 4th, the club’s best offer. This is an opinion echoed by both members and those who take the trip to the course for the first time¾and it’s hard to find any ratings that put it below 8.5/10 or have anything bad to say about any of the holes or amenities.

2. Thorndon Park

Thorndon Park is an excellent course for those looking to play golf in the off-season. Some put Thorndon as the premier golf course in Essex, and it is undeniably one of them. Of the over 70 courses available in the county, Thorndon is probably the optimal one for all seasons.

For us, the signs of a high-class course are the layout and quality of the surroundings and the course itself. Essex courses are renowned for their fundraisers and raising thousands for good causes. Having such a strong community connection is another element to consider when weighing up the quality of a good course.

In addition to having a fantastic all-round offering, the course is just 30 minutes from the capital and has a design that isolates many of the holes from each other, meaning that you can play with your group and feel like you have parts of the course to yourself. Given that there are many online reviews from day-trippers who travel from all over the country and are envious of members, Thorndon Park rightfully sits in the higher, elite bracket of Essex golf courses.

3. Orsett

As a regional qualifying track for the Open, Orsett has the credentials and the history to warrant its place on today’s list. Most importantly, it also has a range of courses for all types of players. Many reviews you can find online don’t just talk of the immense range and setting.

It offers the collegial atmosphere that members exemplify.And while we won’t name any names, other courses aren’t as welcoming to those who are looking to play at the course for the first time and get a feel of what it’s all about.

The gorse-covered valley seems to be a particular hit for members and those who play at the course more sporadically. Many reviewers and players point toward the 6th and 12th holes as particular highlights of their trip to Orsett.

Final Say

We’d say it’s a straight shootout between Orsett and Thorndon Park for the top spot in Essex. It can depend on the type of player you are or the type of trip you’re on. No matter if you’re with a group of half a dozen friends or looking to play a quiet game with just one or two pals, the three courses we’ve touched on today will offer something different for each avenue.

In addition, if you’re somebody who is looking to make your way around the county trying to unearth some of the hidden golfing gems, you could do a lot worse than checking out the three courses we’ve mentioned today. While Orsett, Thorndon Park, andChelmsford Golf Club are hardly secrets, they’re not talked about as often as they should be, especially nationally. So, there’s plenty to explore and plenty of courses to see in Essex¾but these three are the top three reviewed ones, and for good reason.

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