Ten new trees at Bradford Meadows to provide natural flood attenuation


Bradford Meadows green space in Braintree town centre has benefited from ten new trees, which will contribute to localised flood attenuation and provide important tree canopy cover. The trees were planted thanks to a partnership between Braintree District Council and Essex County Council’s Essex Forest Initiative and Capital Floods Programme.

The Capital Floods Team and Essex Forest Initiative identified the land as an ideal location for the new trees, due to its urban, residential setting. They accessed grant funding for the planting from the Forestry Commission’s Urban Tree Challenge Fund.

The trees will form an addition to an already established flood attenuation basin and can soak up excess water during periods of extreme rainfall. The tree species are three European Hornbeams, three European Hop-Hornbeams, two European Nettles and two Red Birch trees, chosen because of their resilience to climate change and adverse weather.

Councillor Peter Schwier, Deputy Cabinet Member for Transformation, the Environment & Customer Services at Braintree District Council and Climate Czar for Essex County Council, said: “I am delighted that this partnership working with Essex Forest Initiative has provided us with ten new relatively mature trees in Braintree. Trees in town centres help us to live with our changing climate, by alleviating flooding in wetter winters, soaking up ground water, and providing shade and a cooling effect during hotter summers. They also remove carbon from the atmosphere. These trees are an investment that will benefit our residents for generations to come.”

Braintree District Council Chairman, Councillor Diana Garrod, said: “This is a fantastic example of partnership work with Essex County Council directly benefitting Braintree residents. These trees will enhance what is already a beautiful green space in our town centre.”

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