Work to start on London Road water network enhancements


Work is set to start on the latest phase of water network enhancements that will protect a busy Essex road interchange and reduce the chances of future roadworks.

Essex & Suffolk Water has already carried out two pieces of work that reduce the chances of burst water mains closing the roads around the Sadlers Farm roundabout at Benfleet. This has involved taking one pipe out of service where it crosses London Road at the Tarpots junction, and installing a new pipe inside an existing water main for an almost 1km stretch from the roundabout to Tarpots.

Now, the water company is preparing to install a new pipe within the footpath on the south side of London Road, allowing it to remove from use an existing main that lies beneath the road, meaning it can no longer burst and cause disruption to traffic.

While the team will not be working in the road itself, the proximity of the work will mean that, for their safety, a single lane closure will be necessary for the duration of the works, on the westbound lane nearest the kerb. The lane closure will move along the stretch of road and we will use trenchless pipelaying to reduce the length of time the work will take.

Work will begin on April 8 for 14 weeks, with crews working from 7am to 9pm each day, to further reduce the length of the work.

As the work moves along the road, temporary closures will be required on Homefields Avenue and Romsey Road, timed to happen separately, ensuring access is maintained for all residents.

Additionally, during the course of the project, two short term lane closures will be required eastbound to allow connection and ancillary work to be carried out.

Daren Still, Project Manager at Essex & Suffolk Water, said: “This additional piece of work will allow us to go even further in protecting this busy road network from the impacts that can be felt from water main bursts. We saw a number of bursts cause traffic problems in 2022 and have been taking action, because we know the effects such things have on motorists and the frustrations it can cause.

“We have already significantly reduced the chances of bursts happening, which is great news for those who use these roads, and while the required lane closure for this additional work may cause some short-term impact, it removes any potential for this pipe to burst and cause bigger problems.

“We would like to thank motorists and customers for their patience while we carry out this work.”

Access for residents whose drives face directly on to the London Road will be maintained, and short diversions will be in place for those who live in streets to the south of, and accessed directly from, London Road.

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