Lottie Moss is sharing all in a new OFTV series, offering an exclusive insight into her success on OnlyFans, modelling career, working with high end fashion designers, and shooting for world-renowned fashion magazines.

The UK based star’s episode of In Real Life, which is now available to stream on OFTV, sees Lottie go indoor skydiving, while opening up about how OnlyFans has changed her life since making the shift from fashion modelling.

In Real Life’s first UK series wrapped filming in October, and in each episode of the show, host Casey Boonstra spends the day with a well-known creator, taking them on an action-packed adventure and sitting down for an interview. Designed to give viewers a glimpse into their lives and personalities, with lots of laughs along the way, In Real Life allows fans to get up close and personal with the creators they follow online.

The show, which is an original for OnlyFans’ free-to-view streaming platform, features some of the UK’s most successful creators. Alongside Lottie, fans can watch episodes featuring former Hollyoaks actress Sarah Jayne Dunn, Atomic Kitten star Kerry Katona, boxers Elle Brooke and Ebanie Bridges, as well as fellow model Eliza Watson.

Delving into the early days of her modelling journey, Lottie reveals that she made the bold decision to relocate to London at the age of 18, fully immersing herself in the fashion world. She shares with Casey, “I did my first campaign with Let’s Calvin Klein …that was amazing.” As her career took off in the modelling industry, Lottie’s social following did too. She attributes her success to the authentic and real side she shows on her channels, stating: “people love seeing into each other’s lives”.

For a successful social media and OnlyFans career, Lottie says that: “You have to find your niche and roll with it. I am quite wacky and impulsive, I like to put those things out there.”

Speaking about her decision to start creating content on OnlyFans, she said: ‘”I started doing OnlyFans about two or three years ago now, and I just fell in love with it, the people who do it and the company itself.” Sharing her passion for self-expression, she added , “You can really show whoever you are… and I want people to be proud of that and own it.”

Describing her transition to OnlyFans and the start of her new exciting venture, she recalled:
“I wanted to move away from modelling and do something different, which was OnlyFans, and it was just something that excited me. I remember the first shoot I did for OnlyFans with a bunch of girls and I just thought, look how fun it is when all women come together and can be ourselves and sexually free and open.”

She also discusses her plans to move back into the modelling world and go travelling after her appearance on the latest series of Celebs Go Dating.

Talking about the creative freedom OnlyFans provides her, she explains: “I love OnlyFans because you control your image, you control what you put out there and how you show yourself and what you show as well. I think with modelling you get sent to the shoot and they take the pictures and they release what they want… I do the styling, I do the hair, the make up, I get to do it all myself, it is so fun.”

OFTV offers a range of safe-for-work content, ranging from comedy to travel and sports. The platform also boasts an evolving reality TV offering that includes House of Sims (starring former TOWIE cast member, Chloe Sims) and Model Farmers.

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