LaplandUK tickets sell out in three hours


Over 300,000 people visited the website hoping to secure tickets for the UK’s most sought-after Christmas experience LaplandUK, with the tickets sold at record-breaking time, in just under three hours.

Tickets were released at midday to the public on Monday 18th of March, with the ticketing platform opening at 10AM for people to join the waiting room. Each customer received a randomly allocated place with over 200,000 people joining the queue.

The coveted tickets were available for purchase for dates spanning from 9th November to 24th December. Prices for tickets ranged from £60-£190 per person depending on the chosen date, with more premium prices for weekends, and those closer to Christmas Eve.

The four-and-a-half-hour immersive event which is inspired by six best-selling books, and which opens for a limited six-week run in the build-up to Christmas each year, brings together the scale and detail of film production, with the believability of live theatre to reimagine the untold story of Father Christmas.

LaplandUK’s mythical homeland, which can be found in the depths of Whitmoor Forest on the Crown Estate, Ascot, has welcomed over 1,000,000 Human Folk since opening in 2007, with some of the world’s most notable families visiting, including the Prince and Princess of Wales, The Beckhams, Tom Hardy and Elton John.

Mike & Alison Battle, Founders of LaplandUK, commented: “We’re so pleased that so many people have joined us for another record year at LaplandUK, where we can bring exceptional storytelling and believability to Christmas for families across the country. Our thanks go out to all the Big and Small Folk who managed to grab themselves tickets and apologies to those that missed out. We hope to expand our experience in the future to ensure we meet the wishes of as many people as possible who want to experience the event.”

Those who secured tickets to the coveted event can expect to receive physical, freezable invitations for each of their Small Folk, personally inviting them to help Father Christmas in his magical homeland this year. Big Folk are encouraged to store these in their freezer, to present them to their Small Folk icy cold. On their chosen date, they will then be enveloped in breathtaking performances and activities; including assisting the Toy Factory Elves to make a toy for Father Christmas’ Sleigh, decorating gingerbread with Mother Christmas, ice-skating, and the magical finale: an intimate and personalised visit to Father Christmas.

LaplandUK is an enchanting single-day event with no on-site overnight stays. The event is within easy train access, just 1 mile from Ascot Station, with taxi drop-off and free parking available on site. For those with longer journeys, there are multiple local hotels and Airbnb’s available. The address details are as follows:

Whitmoor Forest
Swinley Rd
Winkfield Row

The event, whilst set within a natural forest setting, strives to be as inclusive as possible. Some lands, including the Elven Village, have wood chip floor covering, which can make moving around in a wheelchair challenging, especially with small casters. There is a specific pathway for wheelchair users to enter The Elven Village and to use the ice skating facilities.

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