Prince Harry’s meeting with the King ‘lasted exactly 12 minutes’


PRINCE Harry’s meeting with his father in London lasted for a mere 12 minutes, royal author Lady Colin Campbell has revealed.

She told GB News: “My understanding is actually the meeting lasted exactly 12 minutes, not 30 minutes or 45 minutes and Harry took it upon himself, without an invitation, to get on a plane, fly over and inform the King’s office that he was arriving.

“One could actually wonder who was the visit for? Was it for Harry? Was it for the king? Or was it for Netflix or was it a combination of all three?

“I don’t think anybody is particularly convinced that Harry has done this for any other reason but to work himself into the narrative and keep himself at the forefront of the public’s attention.”

Earlier, former BBC royal correspondent Jennie Bond said that by not meeting Harry, Prince William has shown that he has disowned his brother.

She added: “Harry could bunk down in Clarence House, where he used to live, to have the house to himself or he would follow perhaps by car, if he wasn’t going to go in the helicopter with his father and his stepmother.

“But neither of those things happened. Instead, he went off to a hotel and goodness knows what he did with himself.”

He added: “It does seem extraordinary that no sooner had Harry arrived at Clarence House, less than an hour later, the King and Queen left.”

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