Sacred Harmony Reiki launches Reiki Treatments to help combat a BURNOUT Crisis


Stoke Newington-based Reiki studio, Sacred Harmony Reiki, has developed a series of effective accessible and relatable, curated holistic treatments for the wellbeing of you, to help and support burnout.

Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing technique that involves a practitioner placing their hands gently on or over the body, without massage or manipulation. Fans of the practice claim to experience a flow of energy, warmth and coolness, with feeling relaxed, calmer, reenergised and supported.

With 73% of adults in the UK experiencing higher levels of stress following the pandemic, 55% have welcomed the benefits of alternative therapies while adapting to life after Covid. The Burnout Report 2024 by Mental Health UK warned that the UK was on the verge of becoming a “burnt-out nation”, as nine in 10 adults (91%) said they experienced high or extreme levels of pressure, stress and emotional exhaustion at some point in the past year. Burnout costs UK businesses over £700m every year due to employees calling in sick with signs of stress and exhaustion. Mindful of how our own emotional and mental health can affect and impact us on a daily basis, Reiki Master and Healer, Ricky Nixon, has been evolving his technique to promote deep relaxation and help power you up; treating the individual physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. He says:

“I know too well from my own personal experience, how difficult, exhausting and debilitating burnout can be, which can create chaos within us, leading to illness and dis-ease. We have always been susceptible to our emotional and physical upheavals and shifts, whether we have given ourselves the time to really acknowledge it or not. So, I’ve created a soothing multi-sensory, safe space, solely dedicated to you. Reiki can help relieve any emotional tension or stress you may have, helping to gently guide you into a calmer, revitalised, happier state of wellbeing. It’s time to ditch the burnout and embrace the balance.”
Completely non-invasive, Sacred Harmony Reiki is offering you kind, nurturing, supportive sessions to enable empowering transformations, leading to lasting beneficial shifts in your life.

Reiki Treatment priced at £75 for 60mins. Booking essential.

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