Arbitrage Betting as a key to success in betting


Arbitrage betting has become a very popular strategy in the world of sports wagering, offering a unique opportunity to exploit discrepancies in odds and make guaranteed profits. In this article, we’ll delve into the intricacies of arbitrage betting, understanding its mechanics, exploring strategies, and navigating the potential risks and rewards.

Arbitrage Betting explanation

Arbitrage betting allows taking advantage over bookmakers via the difference in odds placed in betting lines by different bookies. The aim of the strategy is in placing multiple bets on all possible outcomes of a sporting event in order to get tangible income no matter the final result.

While it may sound like a surefire way to make money, mastering the art of arbitrage betting requires a deep understanding of how it works. As for the possible income – arber can earn up to 15-20% from initial bankroll monthly using this strategy.

The reasons for Arbitrage situation occurrence

Arbitrage situations continue arising nowadays for a number of reasons, among them:

  • Competition between bookmakers. Bookmakers try to lure new clients into their ranks, and therefore often overestimate the odds on some markets. This, in turn, favours the arising of arbitrage situations;
  • Untimely change of odds by one of the bookmakers. Sometimes bookmakers do not have time to follow the changes of the competitors’ odds on this or that event;
  • Errors in the lines of bookmaker. Another of the reasons for the occurrence of arbs, but betting on such arbitrage situations is extremely risky. Why so? – you may logically ask. There is a high probability that the bookmaker will make a return on such a bet.

Arbitrage Betting Example

Let’s consider an arbitrage betting example on a hypothetical football match between Chelsea and Everton. Bookmaker 1 sets the odds for match with TU 2.5 scored goals at 2.1, while Bookmaker 2 offers odds of 2.2 for TO 2.5 scored goals. The astute bettor identifies this situation as a potential arbitrage opportunity.

Arbitrage opportunities arise when the combined probabilities of all possible outcomes are less than 100%. In our example, the implied probability of TU 2.5 is 1/2.1 = 0.476, and for TO 2.5, it’s 1/2.2 = 0.45. The total implied probability is 0.476 + 0.45 = 0.926, which is less than 1 (or 100%).

To calculate the size of bets needed to guarantee a profit, the bettor must distribute their total stake across the two outcomes. Suppose we plan to bet 800 euros in total – let’s make the necessary calculations:

TU 2.5 = 800 / (0.926 * 2.1) = 409.30 euros

TO 2.5 = 800 / (0.926 * 2.2) = 390.70 euros

As you can, the optimal amount of bets for both outcomes are 409.30 and 390.70 euros. Now it’s time to calculate the possible income we’ll get after the end of the match:

W1 = 409.30 x 2.1 – (409.30 + 390.70) = 59.53 euros; W1 = 390.70 x 2.2 – (409.30 + 390.70) = 59.54 euros;

Quite good result – isn’t it? However, it’s not a simple thing to find such surebets. Much of them have different odds – not 2.0 + and that’s why we need to analyze betting lines of hundreds of bookmakers. But what to do in this case? You can, for example, you can turn to arbitrage betting scanners for help.

Arb betting scanners

Nowadays there number of scanners for operating with arbs (or surebets) and valuebets. But only few of them confirmed it’s effectiveness. Among them is BetBurger service. It gathers information from more than 350 bookmakers (including clones) in Live and Prematch modes.

Find out more information about Live and Prematch arbs (surebets) here:

46 kinds of sports, 250 betting markets and great variety of events – all these refers to the great number of surebets and positive ev bets available to bet on. Along with these pros, this service has many other advantages:

  • There are not only prematch, but also live surebets, as well as overstated outcomes (value bets) and middles.
  • User-friendly interface, unobtrusive design.
  • Wide functionality (a lot of additional functions).
  • Variety of tariff packages, with the possibility to subscribe even for a day.
  • Ability to create many filters.
  • Availability of all popular payment methods (SafetyPay, PayPal, BitPay, Coingate etc)..
  • More than 10 language versions of the site.

All this advantages make it possible to operate with surebets and valuebets with maximum comfortability. 

How to start using BetBurger?

The scanner has a free tarif, which open an access to almost all BetBurger functionality but with some limitations: up to 1% profitability of surebets and 2% of valuebets along with some additional functionality restrictions.

However, if you would like to use the above-mentioned scanner without any limitations – you can choose one of the following tarifs:

Prematch (€159.99/month). This subscription includes unlimited surebets and valuebets without any restrictions, on all available markets and sports in Prematch mode. You will also have access to advanced functionality, such as Accounting, surebet calculator, hide menu etc.

Live (€279.99/month). By purchasing this subscription you will get live surebets and valuebets on all the bookmakers available at BetBurger list, on all the markets, as well as on all the sports available here. In addition, this tariff plan includes advanced functionality.

Prematch + Live (€359.99/month). This tarif includes all the features and tools from both Prematch and Live tarif, so the surebettor gets the maximum abilities for getting profit from sports betting. Moreover, If you buy this tarif – you get 50% off Prematch tarif, so it’s quite a good offer. 

Note that all the available here tarifs can be purchased for 1, 7, 30, 180 and 360 days.


An arbitrage betting strategy exists more than 10 years now and from year to year it’s popularity only increases. You can find many arbers not only in European countries, but also in the US, Asia and Africa. This popularity is caused by the great effectiveness of this strategy.

But it should be noted here that for a successful work with arbs is necessary to learn all the pros and cons along with all the nuances and possible risks. Only in this case bettor can really achieve tangible profit. 

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