Steven Bartlett to Teach BBC Maestro Course: The 16 Steps to Start and Scale a Multi-Million Pound Business


Steven Bartlett is the latest name set to join BBC Maestro’s online platform of world-class experts.

His course, The 16 Steps To Start And Scale A Multi-Million Pound Business, will provide insights into the mindset of successful entrepreneurs and explore the key stages to building a business. Steven will share essential strategies for securing investment, developing a personal brand, leading high-performing teams, and driving disruptive innovation.

“I am incredibly excited to announce my partnership with BBC Maestro, through which I have the privilege of sharing everything I have accumulated throughout my career about leadership. People are the most important part of your business; after all, the very definition of the word ‘company’ means a group of individuals. Therefore, nurturing the people who contribute to what your business is today has never been more crucial for success!”

Across his lessons, Steven will share the key principles of effective leadership, exploring the power of communication, vision, empathy, and mental resilience. Viewers will learn how to start and grow their business, whilst balancing the well-being of both themselves and their team. Practical exercises and examples shared throughout the course will demonstrate how to apply learnings to real-world scenarios.

“This course is designed not only to motivate but also to empower all of you to gain a deep understanding of what it takes to become a successful leader in today’s society. I firmly believe that by implementing these changes, you will be able to alter the trajectory of your business significantly. I can’t wait to witness the results!”

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