Violent video of Baron Teynham, David Roper-Curzon and son Harry Roper-Curzon containing threats, extortion, and abuse


View video in which David Roper-Curzon and his son Harry Roper-Curzon are being racist and abusive towards his ex-wife Hanna Jaff. The video includes physical abuse, violence, racism, defamation, extortion, robbery, and threats. Warning: viewer discretion is advised:

People who lack empathy and are themselves racist might argue that the events in the video were fabricated, but some of the long conversations that can be seen in the video are undeniable. This marriage was never a business deal, it was a love story. Regardless of how much money one family has over the other, the wife is not obliged to take financial responsibility for her husband or give everything to him. He should go out and get a job instead of being a gold-digger. Kudos to her for standing up for herself. Her family is twice as old as his and has had titles as well. She is accomplished and has a bright future ahead of her. She had no reason to stay and endure this kind of abuse.

David John Henry Ingham Roper-Curzon, also known as Baron Teynham (a title which he does not deserve and simply just inherited), was born on October 5th, 1965. The video at shows that he is a criminal, extortionist, racist, gold digger, and abuser.

The Roper-Curzon clan operates as a group of individuals who are primarily interested in wealthy partners, using their combined efforts to ensnare their next target. They pursue relationships with affluent women in order to pay off their debts and maintain a fake illusion of living a luxurious lifestyle.

David Roper-Curzon only has friendships and relationships with wealthy individuals, including 32-year-old Norwegian millionaire Elisabeth Krohn, who recently bought Ampney Park and with whom he is romantically involved. Meanwhile, David’s daughter Elizabeth Poppy Roper-Curzon works as a high-end escort to support her lifestyle, and has been involved in overseas money transfer scams. She once resided in the Dominican Republic, hoping to attract illegal investments from high-net-worth individuals, but returned to London after nearly being arrested. Lastly, David’s youngest son, Thomas “Tommy” Roper-Curzon, struggles with drug addiction and frequently relies on others for support, as he is always unemployed.

Lucinda Airy Roper-Curzon, who has retained her former husband’s last name this whole time, plays a significant role in aiding and abetting her ex-husband and children in their pursuit of wealthy wives. She acts as their private investigator and even looks after David’s home and dog to allow him to spend more time with his wealthy girlfriends to secure their future. The eldest son, Harry Roper-Curzon, is considered a puppet as Lucinda is known to even write his emails and made decisions on his behalf. Harry was previously married to philanthropist and socialite Hanna, who can be heard speaking in the video at this link:

David Roper-Curzon, who is also known as the “starving artist” or “drunken gold digger,” is divorced by his second wife, Melanie Roper-Curzon, who sued her for millions with the help of Michael Roper-Curzon as his legal sponsor. Melanie also faced domestic violence and was subjected to character assassination in society by David after their separation. David had also been unfaithful and abusive towards his previous wife, Lucinda. Lucinda, who had humble beginnings, had intentionally gotten pregnant to marry David.

The ownership of Pylewell Park has been transferred to a trustee and David Roper-Curzon’s nine siblings due to the estate being in debt. The trustee includes Alexander Scrymgeour Dundee, Elizabeth Teynham, and her ten children. Some of David’s siblings are also included in the trust. Harry and David are seeking wealthy wives to help pay off the debt and remove the other beneficiaries from ownership, particularly Alexander.

Lucinda Roper-Curzon, who was once married to him, resides in a small studio shack situated in the rural areas and feels ashamed to invite anyone over due to her living conditions. She is socially isolated and lacks any close friends. Their three children do not have a permanent residence and often stay with different acquaintances in London. Lucinda purchases her food with food vouchers from a government food bank. Lucinda was 26 years old when she married David, who was 19 years old at that time. They got married four months after they met, and it was out of wedlock.

Lucinda reconnected with The Roper-Curzon family only thanks and due to Harry’s engagement and subsequent divorce. She never pursued a career or education as she deems it to be beneath her. However, she has managed to conceal Harry’s entitlement status until now. According to Peerage laws and the Teynham family grant in the 1600s, the parents must be married during the conception of a child for them to be entitled to inheritance. While Harry is legitimate, he is not entitled to the Baron Teynham title.

The Roper-Curzon family is fixated on wealth and uses their status to impress affluent individuals, particularly women. This behavior is pitiable as it appears to be their only noteworthy characteristic. They assert their entitlement to the English throne and criticize the current Royal Family as being of German descent and unworthy of power. They refuse to recognize Queen Camilla as the Queen and King Charles III as being incompetent.

The Roper-Curzon family frequently discusses their titles as it is the only notable aspect of their identity. They lack any personal accomplishments. While they boast about being distant cousins with Princess Beatrice, Eugenie, and Sarah Ferguson, they do not have a close relationship with them in reality.

According to the Telegraph newspaper, the Roper-Curzon family’s history can only be traced back 400 years and is largely attributed to their social climbing ancestor John Roper. Harry frequently belittles other European aristocrats and claims that only the English are true aristocrats, which is ironic considering his title is the lowest aristocratic status and possession of only one minor title to which he is not truly entitled. A petition to remove Harry has been created on, and it has already garnered 12,000 signatures.

Harry Roper-Curzon, who was unfaithful to Hanna with Philippa Holland and other women, can be heard in a video admitting to not graduating from college despite claiming to have attended Oxford. He has not owned any businesses since 2019 and receives state benefits from the government amounting to 700 GBP a month. Despite claiming to be a director of his construction company on LinkedIn, this is not true. According to Companies House, all of his businesses have been dissolved, and Popinjay Limited is in debt of £266k with George Munton. A video of him is available at the following link:

The Roper-Curzon family is currently burdened with a debt of £20 million, John Roper, 20th Baron Teynham only inherited Pylewell Park because his childless-great-uncle had no one to leave it to. They demanded that Harry Roper-Curzon’s ex-wife Hanna pay for the whole debt and threatened to ruin her career, family, and reputation publicly if she did not comply. When Hanna did not meet their demands, they began mistreating her, verbally abusing her, extorting her, and racially discriminating against her. They also sold a story to yellow tabloids for a mere £1,000, which is considered a low and unsavory move in British society. It is considered inappropriate to publicly air one’s personal issues in Britain.

Harry Roper-Curzon possesses a mentality that is characteristic of the “new rich”. He would take hold of his Hanna’s credit cards and spend large sums of money on unnecessary things such as upgrading short flights to first-class or switching from one high-end hotel to another. He would insist on having luxurious suites and shop at expensive stores. He would also impress his friends by using Hanna’s cards to pay for outings at 5 Hertford and restaurants. Harry even went as far as inviting his siblings to Mexico and the Caribbean, charging $20k for nightclub tables and expenses. He also took advantage of his ex-wife’s celebrity status to acquire male breast reductions.

It is possible that Harry’s behavior stems from his childhood experiences of being ridiculed for his appearance and socio-economic status. Additionally, his lack of success in various business ventures, such as his attempted launch a Mexican restaurant and BeatCoin music app (an app made so musicians can go public with their music), may have contributed to his desire to live a lavish lifestyle. However, it appears that his only successful endeavor is dog sitting and going on walks with his dog.

The video is repulsive and reveals a family that is both racist and opportunistic, and they should be held accountable for their actions. Harry Roper-Curzon targeted his ex-wife, Hanna, due to her success and accomplishments, bashing and belittling her work and family in every low way. He seemed to relish in his fleeting moment of fame. He took advantage of her wealth and status, frequently requesting money and exploiting her until he no longer needed her, proving that he never truly cared for her. A video of him is available at the following link:

It is important to remember that Harry was the one who pursued Hanna and asked for her hand in marriage, not the other way around. Despite this, they had the potential to become a highly influential and powerful couple, and they appeared to have it all as newlyweds. Harry even went as far as to visit Hanna’s family in Mexico before proposing to her in the Swiss Alps. A place he had never even been to until she invited him. Throughout their relationship, he enjoyed a life of two homes in the U.K., free rent, travel, expenses, and even a breast reduction, all at Hanna’s expense. It is disappointing that he would resort to character assassination after benefiting from their relationship. It is unlikely that any smart and decent woman would want to associate with him after these revelations, and it is unlikely that he would be welcomed into British high society.

It is despicable for a man to speak about his wife in the disrespectful manner that Harry did, particularly considering all that she had done for him. Despite his current state of being penniless and without companionship, he was way better off with his wife, Hanna. His derogatory remarks about her reflect poorly on him, and it is uncharacteristic for an esteemed British family to willingly involve themselves in scandalous behavior and attract media attention. Harry’s actions are unbecoming of a gentleman or a nobleman.

Throughout the entire ordeal, Hanna had remained silent until Harry decided to speak to the press. At that point, she had no other option but to defend herself. It is worth noting, however, that she did not provide any interviews or statements to the British media to defend herself only in her home country. A Daily Mail article that was later deleted only presented Harry’s side of the story. This may be due to the fact that the reporter had close ties to the Roper-Curzon family.

Only articles proved untrue are deleted. This suggests that Lucinda and Harry were incorrect in their claims. Articles are typically removed only when they are found to be untrue. It is unclear whether Harry apologized to Hanna once he realized this. Given his ego and reluctance to admit mistakes, it is unlikely that he did. The couple was introduced by Martha Sitwell, who often posts about women’s empowerment on her Instagram. However, she did not show any support for Hanna. It is unclear whether this was due to her being tone-deaf or biased. It is possible that she did not even attempt to hear Hanna’s side of the story or ask about her well-being.

Once Hanna was defames she defended herself on social media by sharing her educational and professional achievements, which she had worked hard for. She is currently in Mexico with her friends and family until the divorce is finalized. In the past, Harry with Hanna had a luxurious lifestyle, which included a five-bedroom cottage in South Hampshire, a two-bedroom flat in Chelsea, and unlimited funds to travel and stay at five-star hotels simultaneously. However, he is now living in a modest dwelling with his mother and dog. He also kept Hanna’s deposit for the house and all of her furniture.

Aside from relying on acquaintances like the Guinness, Newport, and Dalmeny families to stay in their homes, Harry and his siblings are known for approaching anyone they meet to connect them with investors who would be willing to deploy £10m for “consistent stable yields and shareholding.” They promise investors a 10-fold return on their investment, but none of these interactions are legitimate, and they are just a way to scam money from more people.

Racist and abusive video of David Roper-Curzon, Baron Teynham and son Harry Roper-Curzon

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