Dacia offers free ‘Heated Seat Saviours’ for those looking to avoid another subscription this winter

Car manufacturer Dacia offers free hot water bottles, named ‘Heated Seat Saviours’, for drivers looking to avoid another subscription this winter. Dacia shuns the growing wider industry trend of offering subscription-based access for vehicle features. To claim a free ‘Heated Seat Saviour’, drivers need to simply visit one of the Dacia dealerships at Staples Corner (London), Swansea and Manchester between 1st – 2nd February while stocks last. For further information or a full release please email [email protected]

In a bid to highlight its opposition to the growing wider industry trend of charging consumers a subscription to access in-car features, car manufacturer Dacia is coming to the rescue of chilly drivers everywhere in these cold months and giving away free hot water bottles, named ‘Heated Seat Saviours’.

The switching on of heated seats, extra manoeuvrability and enabling assisted driving features are all examples of the latest attempts of some car manufacturers to charge consumers for stuff their car has already been built with.

Meanwhile, Dacia is famed for offering simplicity, with customers being able to access everything that they initially pay for with their vehicle. Dacia’s top specification Sandero Stepway, Duster and Jogger are fitted with heated seats as standard.

The ‘Heated Seat Saviours’ will be available for drivers, who may not feel comfortable forking out additional costs for a feature already fitted in the initial purchase of their car.

After picking up their hot water bottle, motorists can safely fill it up as per the instructions provided and place it on their car seat (prior to driving) to warm it up.

Luke Broad, Dacia Brand Director for the UK said: “Our ‘Heated Seat Saviours’ are a bit of fun, but they do highlight the direction the wider industry is going regarding subscription-based access to features. Asking someone to pay extra to activate factory-fitted equipment certainly isn’t Dacia! We believe in simplicity, offering our customers technology that makes driving more convenient and comfortable with features included in a car’s initial price. Whether consumers view heated seats as essential or not, our commitment to value and a fuss-free ownership experience means that we will only ever ask them to push a button to enjoy them.”

To claim a free ‘Heated Seat Saviour’, drivers need to simply visit one of the below Dacia dealerships between on 1st – 2nd February and ask for one of the limited-edition hot water bottles while stocks last. Terms & Conditions apply. See: www.dacia.co.uk/hot-water-bottle

Locations to pick up a free hot water bottle next week include:

Dacia Staples Corner
North Circular Road,
Brent Cross,

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