The average person at Glastonbury festival burns 3,400 calories burnt PER DAY

Big concert audience listening to music at festival

With Glastonbury Festival 2022 commencing tomorrow, Wednesday 22nd June, the festival season in the UK has officially started. Filled with the excitement of seeing your favourite headliners, coupled with boozing, dancing and late-night camping – the 5-day festival is likely to result in calories burnt and energy lacking. After a two-year festival hiatus, Brits across the country are preparing to go full steam ahead, however, despite the excitement, it is important our health and hydration is maintained throughout.

According to Withings tech company, the average Glastonbury festival-goer burns around 3,400 calories burnt per day! The question is: how do you stay fuelled to last the whole 5-days and still maintain a nutritionally-balanced diet?

It turns out, it is possible. Market leaders of Smart Food Solution, yfood, have outlined their top 5 nutrition tips to stay fuelled whilst on the go, between stages and fields!

Healthy protein-rich bars
Though it is tempting to live off the crisps multipack for your carbohydrate intake, the most crucial component to staying energised on the go, and not just at a festival, is protein. Try to fuel your body with energy-rich substances – for example, protein bars such as breakfast bars or flapjacks or, start your morning with ready-made porridge sachets that just need water or milk!

Stay hydrated!
Yes, though it might be stating the obvious – it is essential to stay hydrated between tents, especially if the sun is out. There are plenty of refill taps at any festival, so why not bring your reusable bottle to carry with you in between drinks? Also, try taking a break from the alcohol some days, although it might be hard, your body will thank you later!

Fruits that are Festival-appropriate
Try thinking of your favourite fruits that don’t require the tap each time. Such as a pack of easy-peel clementines, dried mango, a pack of bananas and a pack of blueberries. Perfect to add to your ready-made porridge or to keep on your person to have in the queue. Fruit is the ultimate affordable and delicious festival favourite to maximise vitamin intake across your 5-day party.

Protein shakes or nutritionally complete foods
Nutritionally complete foods are on the rise. With rapidly growing companies such as yfood tripling their revenue in the past two years – the ‘smart food’ solution helps to fill the nutritional gaps in everyday life, with the primary focus of helping sustain a balanced diet in situations where a wholesome diet is not always possible. The food-tech innovators supply your body with 26 of your key essential nutrients in one drink, providing a practical meal alternative to those on the go – perfect to pack in your rucksack for morning fuel!

We’ve all heard it before but nuts are essential in contributing to brain health – packed with concentrated amounts of healthy fat, protein, and fibre sustaining your mental focus for longer. Further to this, they also keep your stomach feeling fuller for longer which means less snacking in between meals. Given the finding from yfood’ research that 37% of Britons snack the most between lunch and dinner – nuts might be the best, healthy solution to carry with you!

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