Online retailers generate 32% extra sales through personalisation and triggered messaging for second consecutive month


Fresh Relevance has revealed that online retailers achieved more than 30% in extra sales in May 2022 using personalisation and triggered messaging strategies. Its monthly Real Time Marketing Report analyses the digital marketing strategies of hundreds of eCommerce businesses worldwide and it is the second consecutive month that additional sales have topped 30%. The report results provide organisations that are concerned about consumer confidence amidst the cost-of-living crisis, with a clear message that it is possible to achieve impressive growth if shoppers are engaged in the right way at the right time.

Retailers in the UK achieved the highest additional sales revenue in May (32%) compared to the US (30%) and the rest of Europe (28%). For those UK retailers, web and email personalisation are attributed for generating an impressive 19% of extra sales, followed by triggered messages (e.g., cart and browse abandonment emails) at 13%.

CEO and co-founder of Fresh Relevance, Mike Austin, comments: “The findings from our monthly reports are showing a consistent pattern. Those retailers who have adopted a web and email personalisation, as well as triggered messages, strategy are generating more sales.”

Austin adds: “Many retailers are braced for the impact of higher costs, the possibility of needing to increase prices and a potential dip in consumer confidence.” It is notable that the report reveals higher end and non-essential purchases, such as jewellery and luxury, fashion and travel all benefited from triggered messaging during May.

Austin concludes: “It is more important than ever before to seize every opportunity to convert and retain customers. With the right software solution, these customer engagement strategies are not only straight-forward to implement and manage but will also have a noticeable impact on online revenue.”

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