Hot Dog Summer officially announces its cast as 8 dogs prepare to find love


‘Hot Dog Summer’ is a brand-new doggy dating show hosted by ProDog Raw which is pairing fun dogs with their forever companions. Inspired by our nation’s love for romance, drama, and dates, ‘Hot Dog Summer’ is set to give these dogs (and some unannounced bombshells) the best summer ever.

ProDog Raw are thrilled to now announce the starting cast for this year’s show, alongside its host – Nathan Massey’s beloved dog Nigel. 4 girls and 4 boys are ready to meet their companions and you can be a part of their journey by following the show on ProDog Raw’s Instagram! Meanwhile, ProDog Raw have excitingly shared which members of the ‘Love Island’ cast these dogs closely resemble, as a fun branch to their unique, dog-centric project.

Nathan Massey says:
“He does feel a lot of pressure as his mum and dad did win Love Island, so he is struggling with his nerves. He’s a big German Shepherd so quite the force, but as long as he can keep his nerves, I think he’ll do brilliantly.”

Nala (Golden Retriever), Cara (Miniature Pinscher), Lillie (King Charles Spaniel), and Millie (Cocker Spaniel) are the girls entering the show so far. Meanwhile, Sid (XL American Bulldog), Duke (XL American Bulldog), Ted (Cockapoo), and Baloo (Black Labrador) are the boys looking for love this summer.

Whilst these dogs are set to prepare us with fantastic entertainment in their own right, they’ll also remind you of some familiar faces… If you visit ProDog Raw’s website here, you can find each dog’s profile – including which Islander they’ve been paired with! For example, Cara and Gemma are twin flames… ‘Both Cara and Gemma are a little feisty; they know what they want, don’t hold back and have every ounce of confidence! They might both be small and young but they’re also pretty fierce…’. Ever wondered what dogs the Islanders would be? Here are your answers!

Discussing these incredible dogs, ProDog Raw’s CEO Heidi Maskelyne says:

‘As a nation we’re obsessed with romance, reality TV, and drama! Meanwhile, we love our dogs. At ProDog Raw, that’s why we decided to launch a show created solely for man’s best friend.

These dogs are fun, playful, loving, affectionate, and cheeky – the perfect recipe for a juicy doggy dating show! If you’re a big dog fan who wants to keep up with the gossip, be sure to keep an eye on our Instagram (@prodograwuk).’

Over the next few weeks, fans can watch the dogs embark on challenges, go on dates, learn new tricks, and generally enjoy a lavish doggy summer. Meanwhile, ProDog Raw will be hosting fun games, exciting voting polls, and more to get you involved.

If you would like your beloved pooch to be involved with #HotDogSummer, you can still apply to be a hotly-anticipated bombshell! The process is easy, simply follow this link and fill out ProDog Raw’s quick application form on behalf of your furry friend.
Want to comment on the dogs’ unfolding lives? You can join the conversation using the following hashtags: #HotDogSummer #BehindTheCanineCam #SummerOfDogs.

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