4 Common Myths That Often Surround The Use Of PDF Files


A PDF file is a saved file that you can share for reading purposes only. These portable files can be read on any device, which makes it easier to swap information with colleagues and other professionals. 

The portable document format has existed in the workplace for nearly thirty years, yet there are still people out there that do not fully understand the concept. There are some common myths surrounding the use of PDFs, so this article will seek to debunk those that are untrue.

1: They Need To Be Scanned

A scanner is a very useful tool to have around the office. This device allows the user to place physical documents on the scanner to transfer them into the computer as a document. This process was linked with PDF files for a long time; however, this is not how PDFs are created. Files need to be converted into the format or merged for them to become PDFs. It has nothing to do with scanning.

2: Merging PDFs Reduces Quality

Another common practice that comes from working with this type of file is merging PDFs. All this does is combine two or more PDFs into one file for ease of access or storage purposes. Unfortunately, larger files in other formats often lose some of their quality because of the processing power needed to read the document. However, you will not suffer a reduction in quality when you merge a PDF. Each document will retain its original clarity, which is why many people choose to store their information this way.

3: PDFs Are Always Larger

Most offices need to be careful about the amount of space they use because file storage can get expensive. This means that many workplaces favor smaller document formats and ignore PDF completely. 

However, the idea that a PDF file is larger or takes up more storage than other formats is a myth. The size of the file is determined by how much data is stored, not the type of format. Anyone worried about their storage space can even choose to save their work as an optimized PDF to reduce the file size.

4: They Have No Use For Them Anymore

As the world moves forward into the digital age, physical copies of documents are fading from use. Everything is shared in purely digital formats for editing, which means that PDFs are seeing less use as time moves on. However, there is still a need for hard copies of documents in the workplace, and that means that PDFs are the optimal solution. 

While you may see PDFs being used less in recent memory, they are still a long way off from becoming extinct. You can’t beat the old methods sometimes, which is why PDFs are likely to stick around for a long time.


As modern offices change and develop alongside technology, PDFs are always going to be needed in the modern workplace. Just stay clear of the myths and you will see just how relevant this format remains.

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