The ‘Brotox’ boom: why men search for subtlety in their treatments


The demand for cosmetic injectables has skyrocketed during the past 18 months. With British plastic surgeons reporting a 70% increase in requests for video consultations during 2020, a vast number of us have become conscious of our facial aesthetics and premature ageing. However, this is a trend which is being felt and acted upon by increasing numbers of men, with research from Uvence cosmetics ( revealing nearly 2 million British males are considering a treatment this year, alongside a 30% rise in the number of men asking about cosmetic treatments, as reported by Save Face in 2020.

There is a significant demand amongst male patients for subtle-looking treatments that are undetectable – with 65% of British men stating they prefer a natural look with their own treatments and procedures. In light of the demand for more naturally based and undetectable procedures, leading cosmetic surgeon Dr. Olivier Amar has pioneered a ground-breaking treatment, which answers the call for all-natural skincare solutions. The Uvence ( treatment purifies a patient’s own fat cells to create 100% natural and personalised injectables, representing an entirely natural, fast-acting and long-lasting solution to combat the ageing process and revitalise skin.

Coined ‘Brotox’, male tweakments have become a much more common demand in the beauty industry, which has consequently broken down the taboo when it comes to men and cosmetics. With research from Uvence revealing that 11% of British men feel that they look at least five years older as a result of the stress and anxiety brought about by lockdown and the pandemic, this has also contributed to the surge in demand for cosmetic enhancements over the last 18 months.

Dr. Olivier Amar, leading cosmetic surgeon and CMO of Uvence, discusses the rising male demand for procedures and the development of the revolutionary Uvence treatment:

“It’s shocking to see just how seriously the consequences of the pandemic have impacted the health, wellbeing and vitality of millions of men in Britain. I personally have seen a huge increase in men who have never even considered getting a treatment before getting in touch to organise consultations to learn more about their options. I think it’s great that the taboo around men and cosmetic treatments is being challenged, but it is important that all patients ensure that they are only seeking treatment for the right reasons – whether that’s to improve their confidence or boost their wellbeing.

Despite how the stigma around men and cosmetic procedures is changing, the majority of my male patients continue to highlight how they want to maintain a natural look with their treatments. As we look into the future of cosmetic procedures, this appears to be the way forward as women often share this sentiment, favouring treatments that are undetectable. It is clear to me and my peers in the cosmetic and aesthetic medicine industry that there is now a widespread demand for treatments that can help to revitalise skin and combat premature ageing. This is why I am so proud to have been involved in the development of Uvence, which represents a landmark moment in the creation of a fully integrated, on-demand, natural skin treatment.

The Uvence offering allows access to regenerative and personalised treatments and is the biggest advancement in the field for nearly 15 years. In terms of accessibility and convenience this has never been seen before, the cryopreservation capability allows plastic and cosmetic surgeons alike to provide this treatment on a consistent basis to their patients without the need for synthetic, foreign substances or invasive treatments”.

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