Over forty per cent increase in people homeless on leaving prison in the East of England


Government data released yesterday shows a shocking rise in homelessness among those leaving prison, across the East of England.

The number of people homeless or threatened by homelessness on departure from custody has increased by 42.5% compared to last year. This amounts to 570 people in the past year.

Campbell Robb, Chief Executive, Nacro said: “These figures show an urgent need for the government to invest in support and housing across the country for those leaving prison in the upcoming spending review. Leaving prison homeless increases the chance of reoffending and ends hope of rehabilitation.

“We want the government to ensure no-one leaves prison without a home to go to, giving people the best chance to get a job, rebuild relationships, and play a part in their local communities. This is even more important when many people leaving prison are coming out into a changed world in the grip of a global pandemic.”

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