One in 10 drivers have NEVER cleaned their car


After 16 million* people chose to drive across the UK for their summer break this year, new data has found almost two-thirds of drivers still haven’t cleaned their cars, and experts says it could leave them with a bad mindset.

As well as drivers admitting to not cleaning their cars in recent weeks, new research by vehicle sun blind specialists Car Shades, has also revealed just how little car owners clean their vehicles, and the results are shocking.

With families visiting everywhere from the sandy beaches of Cornwall to the countryside of the Lake District, one in 10 drivers blame their children for the mess in the car, further explaining the toys and dirty footprints across the backseats are a few reasons why they are the biggest culprits.

The survey also revealed that food and drink wrappers are the main cause for mess inside the car (33%), closely followed by mud (29%) and leftover food and crumbs, with one in five claiming they cause the most dirt in the car.

But how often do we do something about it?

A quarter (25%) of drivers opt to clean their car monthly. Shockingly, 15% leave their car dirty for a year, and even worse, one in 10 claim to have never cleaned their vehicle!

Keeping your car clean can help improve your mindset, driving abilities and mood. In fact, wellness expert Lili Gusto adds “Cleaning the car and keeping it tidy is particularly important as it is linked to one’s focus. Clutter and mess in the car can be linked to confusion, tension, and irritability. The action of cleaning the car has the same effect as cleaning any space in the house – it can help to reduce one’s anxiety. Therefore, there is a direct link to the benefits of health and wellness as well as safety in keeping the car clean inside and out at all times!”

When asked just how bad their car has to be before they clean it, almost two-thirds (63%) said “moderately dirty” and more than a quarter (26%) said it needs to be “filthy” before they tackle any of the mess, and even then, almost half (44%) take it to a car wash rather than doing it themselves.

Just 7% keep on top of car cleaning every week and only 18% empty their cars out per week. Food wrappers, clothes, litter, bags and more are left in the car for at least six months by 28% of drivers and 55% confess to not cleaning their car even when they know other people are getting in it.

Steve Giles, managing director at Car Shades, commented: “Our cars have certainly been busy this summer with so many opting for the staycation option. There’s no doubt that there will be lots of muddy exteriors and cluttered interiors, as we’re often full-handed with the kids or holiday activities.

“It’s interesting to see that the majority of us Brits are guilty of neglecting our vehicles from time to time, but hopefully we get a chance to give them a ‘spring clean’ ready for the Autumn. A quick fix could be to put Car Shades in the windows to cover up dust or dirt too.”

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