Luisa Zissman Launches New Company Silly Sentiments


Luisa Zissman, entrepreneur and media personality has combined forces with business owner Vicki Gratton to shake up the £7 billion a year greeting gifting industry. Meet Silly Sentiments.

Silly Sentiments is the online destination for light-hearted, token gifts offering the perfect solution for Secret Santa and stocking-filler presents this year. With personalisation at the core of their offerings, their huge range of unique gifts and cards cater to British humour like no other.

Originally founded by Vicki as Filthy Sentiments, selling purely gift cards, Luisa became aware of the brand by a chance sighting on the internet. Falling immediately in love with the wicked, darker twist on greeting cards unavailable elsewhere, Luisa immediately became a massive fan.

Now fierce friends and business partners, Luisa and Vicki’s brand new company Silly Sentiments has been founded with an intent to break away from the status quo. Providing Britain with products that can bring a smile to anyone’s face from just £2.99, through mugs, wall calendars, pens, wrapping paper, gift cards and bumper stickers, Silly Sentiments really does have it all.

Since Luisa’s investment, sales have grown by +60% and revenue is expected to reach +200% growth this Christmas (2021).

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