Life in lockdown: the UK reveals its pandemic pics


As all legal Covid restrictions have been lifted in England, the nation is currently navigating a prominent piece of history that will be discussed and documented for centuries to come. After collating some of our unexpected positives and standout moments, PastBook – Europe’s largest photo book service – now unveils the nation’s pandemic pictures through their campaign, ‘Closing the Book on Lockdown’. You can create your own free PastBook.

Over this period, the nation pulled together as a collective – just under 70 million adults, children and pets – joined a global community, unified in their digitised experiences of banana bread baking, 5k running challenges, pandemic birthing, at-home haircuts and Tiger King. Now, PastBook’s campaign shares the moments that define a time like no other.

About the campaign

PastBook is enabling us to preserve the last 16 months of our most memorable but often forgettable moments. By selecting the dates March 2020 – July 19th 2021, the nation can reflect on their personal pandemic experience through PastBook’s free photo book creation service here. PastBook is also encouraging users to share their lockdown experiences, highlights, and most significant memories from the past year through the hashtag #closingthebook.

Bringing digital records to life

Throughout lockdown, our social media accounts replaced many of the traditional engagements of daily life.
Now, new research from PastBook has revealed:

– 29% of Brits now say their account media account is the best representation they have of their pandemic experience

– Yet 52% of the nation do not own any physical copies of the images captured on these accounts

PastBook creates a physical capsule that we can look back on in years to come, allowing us a way to reflect and share our most unforgettable years in living memory. The platform’s sophisticated technology automatically creates a unique capsule for each user by selecting the highlights of their Instagram, Facebook, Dropbox, Flickr, Picasa, computer, phone or tablet and instantly arranging them into a high-quality photo book.

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