Waste company to rent out bins for ‘cold tub’ craze


With the majority of holiday destinations on amber and red lists, it doesn’t mean that your summer staycation has to be dull.

Move over hot tubs, there’s a cooler trend in town this summer.

The new craze has people ditching their hot tubs in favour of ‘cold tubs’, a new sought-after bit of kit which is claimed to provide a multitude of health benefits such as reducing inflammation, swelling, and fatigue.

If you are tempted to give it a try but lack the pricey gear to get onboard this health trend, bin-brainiacs Divert.co.uk have come up with a budget-friendly solution – renting out clean wheelie bins so you can take the cold plunge in your own back garden.

Company spokesman Mark Hall explains, “We very quickly realised that bins are the perfect shape for people to plunge into as a cool pool, and we certainly have enough of them kicking around.”

“So we thought, why not rent them out to people crazy enough to submerge themselves in icy water for the fun of it?”

“You won’t shudder at the price, but you might at the temperature!”

The heat is on for this summer to be one worth celebrating, as lockdown looking likely to ease off in time for us to catch some sun with our friends and family.

But why opt for the boring old ways of entertaining your guests with garden parties and barbeques, when you could offer the unique experience of a refreshing icy cold dip instead?

Most people would never have had the opportunity to try a cold tub before, and having one in your back garden is definitely one way to make the post-lockdown reunion with your mates memorable.

Even influencers such as Amber Davies from Love Island have hopped on the ‘cold tub’ hype, but rubbish collection company Divert.co.uk know that these trends often come with a hefty for the Regular Joe price tag.

Hall: “Splashing out on new equipment can be costly, and if your family are anything like mine, after a while the novelty will wear off and you’ll end up maintaining something that no one is using anymore.

“Renting out a wheelie bin will only cost you a fraction of the price of a fully installed cold tub – so you won’t shudder at the price, but you might at the temperature!”

The plan is for Divert.co.uk to rent out sterilised wheelie bins that can easily be converted, and all you need to add is plenty of ice and nerves of steel.

Hall: “All of our bins will come thoroughly cleaned and sterilised, so there’s no chance you’ll be bathing in bin juice and banana skins.”

Plus you can choose whether you want to fill the bin up with cold or hot water, so you have the option to turn it into a personal hot tub for one if you fancy.

“The choice is yours on how you want to relax on a budget this summer, plus you can water your plants when you empty it!”

Shiver away the aches and pains

As well as being a novelty for your next garden gathering, cold tubs claim a whole range of health benefits if used correctly.

There’s a reason you’ve probably heard of athletes like Paula Radcliffe and celebrities like Lady Gaga taking an icy dip after a performance, and that’s because if used after intense exercise, icy water can help to reduce muscle pain and soreness. **

But that’s not all, they can also help you to feel less fatigued, reduce inflammation, and help you to de-stress** – which sounds ideal after the last year we’ve all had.

As for how long you should spend in the tub, it’s recommended to start with a short dip and to gradually increase the time over prolonged use.

Divert.co.uk’s budget cold tub can help to soothe your aches and pains this summer but ask customers to use them responsibly.

Hall: “With most things, there are obviously going to be risks to using a cold tub so common sense is advised, and if you’re still unsure it’s always best to check with a healthcare professional.

“Because at the end of the day you’re taking a freezing dip in a wheelie bin.”

To book your cold tub please visit https://www.divert.co.uk/cold-tub-bin-rental/

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