Three Ways Streaming Services Are Changing the Movie Industry


Streaming services have been something of a lifeline throughout the last year. With the majority of us confined to our homes and on furlough, it would be something of an understatement if we were to say that we have had ample time on our hands.

Spending days on the sofa binging our new favourite television series is a pastime that many have done throughout the last year and is certainly something that will continue as we move beyond the pandemic.

With the movie industry brought to a standstill due to the effects of the pandemic, questions may have begun to form around the ways that the movie industry has changed and adapted due to streaming services.

To find out a little more about the ways that streaming services are changing the movie industry, read on!

  1. Increased Accessibility: It goes without saying, but with the forced closure of cinemas across the country in the last year, cinephiles are sure to have been missing out on their fix of watching the latest releases on the big screen. However, that being said, streaming services have provided fans of the cinema and more with the opportunity to still watch their favourite film series’ new release – as well as old classics – from the comfort of their own home. OTT services from Red Bee Media are an example of a method that is being used to increase access to those who are streaming films at home while changing the way that the movie industry operates. OTT services like these enable content to be streamed on numerous platforms simultaneously faster and more efficiently. Not bad, if you ask us.


  1. Blockbuster Support: While the more significant film franchises can rest assured that they will always fill out theatres with their fans, smaller film franchises may be concerned over the support that they would receive as we move forward. With more people signing up to streaming services throughout lockdown than ever before, there could be questions formed surrounding the future of film releases in the future. Will they solely be released on the big screen to encourage people back, or will it be a mixture of both in-person and at-home viewing? Will there be extra charges to watch the new release on the streaming service while also paying for a subscription? While many people avoid paying extra to see a film in the cinema, knowing it will be available to stream on online services soon, this could well be something that alters the movie industry in the coming months and years.


  1. Changing the Format: Traditionally, films that are created are considered an art form, and over the years, have not been created with the intention to be streamed on a service such as Netflix or Hulu. This is something that could well change as we move forward. Following the recent news that Netflix-original productions have been included in the Oscar award nominations for the first time ever, due to the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic on the film industry, this is also an impact on the film industry that could continue to happen moving forward. With this in mind, filmmakers should consider whether they will be optimising their films’ format in the future for both the silver screen and for streaming services. While a practice like this could very well generate more costs than usual concerning the production and formatting, filmmakers would be exposing themselves, and their project to a broader audience and could very well generate the money spent and more back, and with ease.

These are but some ways that streaming services have been changing the film industry as of late and is undoubtedly something that will continue to happen as we progress into the future. One thing is for sure; streaming services have been somewhat revolutionary. It is a wonder how much more they can improve.

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