Anna Kennedy OBE talks to Adam Murphy about life in Lockdown


During Autism Awareness and Acceptance Month Anna Kennedy OBE talks to Adam Murphy . You can listen to their interview at 1pm and 1 am every day this week.

Adam shares:

‘I am a full-time carer for my autistic son Ryan who is 24 years old. We do everything together from long walks to shopping and during lockdown have started to cook together.

I am married with three children and my wife works full time.

For my own Mental Health and Wellbeing and pre lockdown I used to go to the gym and enjoyed running. My son was diagnosed and a young age of three years old and he attended a specialist provision for Primary school, he then went on to The Star in Allenwood, Cheltenham where he remained until he was nineteen years of age,

Ryan now attends two-day centres; one is based in Gloucester and the other in Cheltenham. During Lockdown we have tried to support Ryan with as much routine as possible within our home. It has been difficult since Ryan has missed going to his daycentre. Adam shared with Anna that Ryan ‘s sleep patten can be varied . Ryan is hungry for information and asks the meaning of words even if it’s at 4 am in the morning. When you sleep its with one eye shut and one foot on the floor ready for action. ‘

Anna can totally relate with this since she also experiences sleep deprivation with her youngest son Angelo and her eldest son Patrick also on the spectrum is also hungry for information and facts about his interested topics such as Palaeontology and wildlife.

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