The Technology Involved in Live Casino


If you’re an avid online casino player, then the chances are you’ve probably sought out the immersive gaming experience that is live casino. Obviously, technology is behind all of the casino games that you can play online, and has granted us access to the casino without having to leave home.

The specific technology behind live casino play is elaborate, enabling you to interact with the live dealer and receive a personalised gaming experience. But, have you ever wondered how technology makes this experience possible? Read on to find out!


It seems obvious, but cameras are the key component that make live casino gaming possible. They enable the dealer and player to interact during the game, allowing the player to see the dealer directly through their screen. We’re all pretty familiar with this technology, you probably regularly call your gran on video chat, but we often take the technology that goes into this process for granted.

To provide you with an optimal experience, a typical game will involve three cameras that record the dealer from different angles, so that you don’t miss out on any of the excitement. Typically, one camera will provide a bird’s eye view of the table, whilst the others live stream the table, or the wheel for Roulette, as well as focusing on the dealer.

Gaming Control Units

Gaming Control Units (GCUs) are a piece of software that enable dealers to view what is happing on a player’s table and act accordingly. It is attached to the dealer’s table and instructs them on when they should put a card on the table for example, in Blackjack, or spin the wheel in Roulette.

The device effectively encodes data that is broadcasted in a live game and makes it possible for the dealer to provide a seamless experience. Without this device, the experience would not replicate a brick-and-mortar table casino game.

The Monitor

It’s ironic really, but as you sit behind your screen, with your gaze fixed on the dealer, on the other side, the dealer is also staring at a screen, albeit somewhat different display. The dealer’s monitor connects them to the players, and allows them to see how many players have joined, remove players if they’re not complying with the rules, or prompt them to play.

The Dealer

Clearly, the dealer isn’t a piece of technology, don’t worry, they haven’t replaced humans with robots just yet. However, live casino gaming would not be possible without the dealer, who has to observe the data that the technology around them is feeding through.

The dealers are trained professionals and make it possible for live games to run smoothly. They are trained to host the games and have effectively read the hypothetical gaming rule book from cover to cover. The dealers are friendly and welcoming, and are the essence of the game. Using their monitor to speculate what is happening on the receiving end of the game, the dealer can view live chat conversations, making it possible for them to welcome new players to the room and continue to interact with them throughout the game.

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