Basildon Council to relax grass cutting along main routes to aid pollination


Basildon Council are to relax grass cutting along main routes in a bid to increase pollination across the borough.

Grass cutting has been relaxed along Uppermayne and Nethermayne for the last year as part of an initial trial with a view to extending this to other areas in the borough in order to enhance biodiversity.

Chairman of the Neighbourhoods and Public Spaces Committee, Councillor David Harrison, said: “As part of our Pollinator Action Plan, we want to improve and increase the biodiversity within the borough.

“Relaxing grass cutting along some of the main routes will allow for a more diverse and attractive environment to blossom. It will enable wildflowers to grow and wildlife will inhabit the areas, providing another visually impactful element to the landscape. It will encourage native grasses and wildflowers to thrive, which provides nectar for pollinators and contributes to a reduction in air pollution.

“We want residents to be proud of their area, and satisfied that our services enhance the local neighbourhoods. This is an action that we are taking to improve the local environment for residents.

“Any money saved by the relaxing of grass cutting will be invested in other areas.”

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