Basildon Council Tax online e-services gets upgrade to improve service for residents


Basildon Council’s Council Tax e-services platform has been upgraded, to make it simpler for residents.

The council’s Revenues and Benefits service has invested in upgrading the e-services online portal – which primarily supports Council Tax, Housing Benefit and Business Rates processes.

This includes a front-end upgrade; cosmetic improvements to make the customer journey on the site simpler. Additional features have been added to the site, with customers now able to apply for a refund of credit balance and apply for a single resident discount directly through the system.

Existing features include receiving notifications about outstanding balances, submit/upload information, set up e-billing and changing contact details remain a part of the portal.

Leader of Basildon Council Councillor Gavin Callaghan, said: “These new upgrades to our online services will give residents more options in terms of the Council Tax functions they can perform on our website.

“With the new changes, residents will be able to manage their billing options and be notified of any important updates regarding their accounts.

“The details of outstanding balances or arrears on your account will be available to view 24/7 – residents will no longer need to worry about what their outstanding balance is, nor will they have to remember council tax numbers or where they’ve left their paper bills. That information will be available on the new system and they will no longer need to call the customer service centre for this information.

“This is one example of how we are making our digital processes easier for residents. As part of our overall Digital Strategy, we will see lots of initiatives developed to support simpler, smarter and safer services for all our residents and customers in the years to come.”

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