The best fitness apps for your smartphone in 2021


The stereotypical Essex resident likes to take care of their appearance and stay fit, healthy and in shape. In fact, the average person anywhere in the world is surely aspiring for that also. It isn’t always easy to achieve, though.

To maintain their overall health and fitness, people are turning to smartphones and the various apps that come with them to smash any fitness goals and get healthier. It can be easy to lose sight of your fitness goals and turn to a Netflix show instead or have a preference for experiencing the best online casino in the UK for 2021 ahead of jumping on a treadmill, but staying strong and remaining on track will result in a great feeling of satisfaction when you do eventually reach your targets. Apps are a great way of helping you get there, too.

More people are working out at home than ever before, which, in turn, has resulted in an array of excellent apps surfacing in recent times or existing apps making improvements. In order to help you smash your workouts, here’s a look at some of the best fitness apps out now.


Backed by Australian actor Chris Hemsworth, Centr is an all-in-one fitness app which caters for a range of different types of exercises and methods of training. You can plan your training schedule, take part in workouts, and access healthy eating advice and ways in which you can improve your diet. There is advice around building muscle, losing weight, toning, or just generally around getting fitter and healthier. Centr is a growing app in this space, and it’s easy to understand why, given the impressive all-in-one aspect of the app.

Fit Radio

A music-streaming app capable of bringing you the best tunes while you work up a sweat, Fit Radio has a range of intriguing options. For example, if you’re keen to workout while listening to your favourite DJ, you can. Alternatively, perhaps you’d rather have a motivational voice in your ear. The app also comes with a detailed selection of familiar hits, with the option of choosing different tunes from a range of genres.

 Designed with strength training in mind, Jefit also caters for other types of workouts. A detailed and easy to use app, Jefit will help you develop the best exercise routines given your fitness aims in mind. You can log your reps, keep note of any workouts you wish to repeat, plan your desired rest days, put together an easy to read training schedule, and a whole lot more. The app is free, although, for more advanced features, such as video-based exercises and helpful charts, it’s worth paying for a subscription.


A high-intensity interval (HIIT) workout-on-demand app, Keelo is a fantastic creation for people keen to learn more about this highly effective and beneficial way of working out. The app is slick and easy to use, and helps you build on your ability level all while giving you advice around the best type of equipment to use and the top workouts for your desired goals. You can watch previews of workout sessions, you can learn about the benefits each routine will give to your body, and then try them all for free before paying for an account.

Nike Training Club

Nike Training Club comes with a comprehensive selection of on-demand workouts. At the moment, the premium version of the app is free too. You can get advice around short sessions, long sessions, routines, and a whole host of other options. Overall, it’s a solid app.

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