Saffron Walden-based psychotherapist says get mentally fit in 2021!


Each year we make a New Year’s resolution to lose weight and move more, but do we ever make a pledge to look after our mental health?

It’s currently estimated that over 11 million people in the UK have a recognised mental health problem and it is thought that 75% of them don’t get the treatment they need. We’re all taught how to look after our physical health, whether that be eating the right foods or exercising, but how do we look after our mental health?

Leading Saffron Walden-based psychotherapist and founder of, Mark Newey, is passionate about mental wellness education He says: “We need a mental health revolution! Everyone should learn how to look after their mental health. Most of us know nothing about how our mind works; we don’t understand our emotions and how and why they function. Without an understanding of the unconscious mind we do not have the tools to cope.

He continued: “A common diagnosis of mental health issues is stress, anxiety and depression, but these are not mental illnesses; they are simply signals from our system telling us that there’s something up. We need to listen to these signs, think about what they are telling us, make changes to our lifestyle to ensure we’re mentally fit and strong. If we don’t listen to these symptoms this can lead to more serious mental health issues.”

How to look after your mental health

Mark has a five-point plan to ensure everyone can look after their mental health. Here we need to work on our self-awareness, levels of self-esteem, be authentic, have a vision in life and become self-empowered. Here’s his top tips to get you started:

1. Self Awareness: Make time to be you! Mindfulness activity, yoga or meditation are all ideal. But, if you love walking the dog and having ‘me’ time doing your favourite activity, make sure you schedule in time for you to be you. All of these activities give you time to check-in on yourself and give you a chance to consider your thoughts.
2. Self Esteem: Make time for self-reflection. Think about all the good things you do, consider your strengths and feel confident in your abilities.
3. Authenticity: Do you find yourself being ‘fake’ with some friends, family or work colleagues? Question why you’re not being you with these people and consider what steps to take to be the real you, rather than an ‘act’.
4. Life Vision: If you never have a dream, then you’ll never have a dream come true! Goals in life are vital in helping you feel satisfied and happy in life. Make sure you know what you want to achieve and then create a plan to go and make them happen!
5. Self-Empowerment: Once you know who you are, what you want to achieve, you may feel slightly overwhelmed on making your first step to empowerment. The answer is simple. Take a series of baby steps and before you know it, you’ll be empowered and benefit from a positive mindset!

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