Bedraggled puss transforms into 20-year-old golden girl


Cat carers were shocked to find a golden girl lost beneath a bedraggled mess of fur that was rescued off the streets and taken to a Norfolk cat centre.
A raggedy, badly matted coat cloaked the severely dehydrated and emaciated body of an elderly cat when she arrived at Cats Protection’s Downham Market Adoption Centre. A thorough vet examination estimates her age at 20 years.
Mildred, as she has been named by her carers, was in a very poor state when she was found wandering in the busy Barroway Drove area of Downham Market. A member of the public took pity on the sad looking cat and carried her to the national charity’s local centre.
Cat Care Assistant Leah Snowden, said: “Mildred was in an awful state when she arrived. Her fur was so mucky that we didn’t realise just how thin she was. When we shaved the worst of the matted fur, it was shocking to see this little bag on bones. If she hadn’t been rescued, it is quite likely that she wouldn’t have survived the cold weather.”
Sadly, scans did not find a microchip and, despite local appeals, it has not been possible to trace any owner.
Intensive treatment has helped her to gain weight and her general condition has improved. Old age does present some aches and pains from arthritis, but Mildred readily takes daily medication with her dinner.
Now that she has been nursed back to health, this elderly cat is hoping to find a loving home in which to live her autumn years.
Mature moggies like Mildred have so much love to give and ask for little in return. This golden girl would be content to spend her days looking out of a window before snuggling up on a sofa in the evening.
Leah said: “Mildred has the most loving eyes that seem to reflect a heart of gold. Every time she looks at you, it’s clear she just wants some warmth and love in her final years. She deserves that, bless her.”
Due to COVID-19 restrictions preventing the centre from opening to the public, Mildred will enter the Hands-Free Homing programme and will wait for an online match. Anyone interested in giving Mildred a home can visit:

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