The Main Benefits of Moving Away From Home


When Going to Uni

Moving away from home to university is a major life moment and one which is sure to bring up a range of emotions. There is sure to be a lot of excitement but there may also be nerves and anxiety, plus many people worry about missing friends and family which is understandable. Read on for a few of the main benefits to help you to get excited for the move.


Moving to university gives you a tremendous amount of independence which is an amazing feeling as a young person that has been under their parent’s roof for so long. It puts you in control of your own life which allows you to do what you want but also allows you to very quickly develop important independence skills that are helpful now and later in life.

Experience New Places & Cultures

Many people see going to university as a chance to escape and see new places and experience different cultures. Some people will go to the other side of the country for this, but even a move to a city near home will provide the same thrill of living somewhere new and being surrounded by new sights.

New Friends

Of course, going to university is a chance to make new friends and it can be an eye-opening experience meeting people that have come from all over the country and even abroad. You should also find it easy to make friends at uni as everyone is in the same boat.

Parties & Fun

Leading on from this, parties and fun are obviously another major plus for going to uni – this is also the quickest and easiest way to make friends. Additionally, if you are studying in a major city then you may benefit from better nightlife, gigs and activities than what you are used to.

Things to be Aware Of

These are a few of the main benefits, but there are a few other things to be aware of. Complete independence certainly has its benefits, but you will quickly need to learn how to look after yourself and juggle study, life admin and a social life. Additionally, there is the financial side to consider as you will need to manage your own money to make it last a term – if you need money for a car, laptop of another large expense then you could look to payday loans as a good solution.

Moving away from home to university is the start of a brilliant new chapter in your life and hopefully this post will help you to feel excited.

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