Top Retail Industry Tips to Boost Your Sales


The UK retail sales rose above the pandemic in mid-2020 according to the Office for National Statistics. It claims sales are now 3% higher than when the World Health Organization declared a pandemic in February this year. 

But in the consumer-driven world that we live in, it is a challenge to be noticed over a multitude of other stores in the retail industry. Retailers need to come up with inventive ways to market their business to keep customers satisfied and wanting more. 

There is a notable shift to eCommerce, with the UK being the most advanced market in Europe. Having said this, it makes sense to take full leverage of this trend by creating a reliable website and a mobile app to match, to provide online shopping to all consumer profiles. Consider everyone a prospect, even customers who are in need of financing or have a bad credit history. In fact, many clients prefer having the option to buy from catalogues without credit checks just in case. They offer an extensive range of items to choose from, as well as the flexibility of purchasing their immediate needs using a buy now, pay later scheme right from the comfort of their home.

It is essential for retailers to understand the current industry trends as well as the best practices to safeguard their business. To help, we have listed some effective retail industry tips, not just to boost sales but to keep the company thriving for years to come.

The search engine is your friend

Search engines like Google cover close to 3.5 billion searches each day, helping people across the globe stay up to date with current affairs and shop for anything under the sun. Between searching for retail store locations to product reviews and placing an order for an item online, capitalizing on online shopping campaigns is something worth investing in to generate more customers and sales. Consult with an IT marketing expert who can guide you on the proper strategies to make your retail company appear on top of the search engine results page.  

Promote your product using a creative video

The best way to bring your product to a wider audience is by creating video content that can best express the idea behind what you would like to sell. The possibilities are endless in making your brand have a lasting impression on others. Use wit, humor, or an emotional storytelling style to your advantage to entertain your viewers. Make your video shareable on all social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to make the most of your investment.

Organization is key

When coordinating your online campaign and catalogue make sure to group the products that are of the same value together. By doing so, it will allow you to efficiently adjust budgets and provide discounts when setting up an online sale. Grouping best-selling items will help you capitalize on customers who are attracted by a good deal.   

Invest in equipment

People want information fast and accessible, purchase a handy camera and studio lights that will allow you to take photographs of your latest products to upload directly to your website or social media platform. Retail marketers often disregard the quality of the images they post online which lowers your chances of landing a potential buyer. Remember presentation is key. Consider the fine details, the background, and the focus on the product in the picture that is up for grabs. Use the optimal image size requirements for online posting. If you have the cash to spare, think of hiring a professional photographer to take product shots or look into joining a photography workshop that can teach you the basic skills that can help you document your products for your business.

Take advantage of merchant reviews

Your product should not only offer value for money but make good on what it promises to deliver. If your product is well received it only makes sense to take full advantage of the positive reviews that your customers leave. Make your website open to receiving comments and suggestions about your customer service and product. It’s a known fact that 84% of consumers trust online reviews and tend to purchase a product after reading a succession of positive ratings.  


Photo by Artem Beliaikin from Pexels

Become a relevant fixture in your community

Regardless if you own an online shop or run it from a storefront, win the trust of your community by making your consumers feel like your brand flows effortlessly with their home-life. Optimize your ad campaign by using local lingo or catchphrases and images of product shots that reflect famous landmarks or iconic places in your neighborhood. This will give your brand a local feel which can lead it to become a popular staple in your community.

Get festive

It’s time to update your calendar and take in all the special days and little holidays worth celebrating. It could be Siblings Day, National Dog day, or even St. Patrick’s Day. By embracing these special occasions, your retail store can run exclusive events or offer promotional deals, limited edition products, or markdown sales. Maximize the festive décor and colors. This is a sure way to attract customers and show them that your company cares and made the effort to get everyone in a joyful spirit.

Final thoughts

The retail industry is a competitive market, so be creative in marketing your product – from the way it is thoughtfully presented to the special deals your company has to offer to have a cut above the rest. Your product should deliver what the brand promises to keep your customers loyal and satisfied.

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