Samanta Bullock Premieres Empowering Film for LFW


The digitisation of London Fashion Week calls for innovative ways of unveiling fashion and the messages behind the clothes.

This year Samanta Bullock, a Paralympian turned model and designer premieres a thought-provoking film rich in diversity which depicts different people with disabilities, be it a wheelchair or a prosthesis using their disability as a source of power rather than the crutch people perceive it to be.

Fashion impacts 100% of us, because everyone gets dressed. And that’s why, as a tool, it has the capacity and the power to make us feel like we belong, we are loved, welcomed and supported. The way we dress is expressed through our personality. This should not be denied to the disabled person.

In this film, the idea is, in each scene, to show the realities of resilience, richness is diversity and authenticity that creates visuals of something that inspires and brings people together to actively participate in this change. The underlying spirit in the participants gets unleashed to the vibrant music of Lachi ‘Dragon’.

The film will be available to view on the 20th of September.

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