Staying Compliant with GDPR During the Lockdown


By definition, the General Data Protection Regulation, abbreviated as GDPR, is the legal mandate, guideline and framework, upon which every company operating within the cyberspace of the EU must build their privacy policies in full compliance. The compliance guidelines are stated in no unclear language, in regard to what rules an online company must abide by while collecting and utilising personal information from all users who live within the EU territories.

As there are severe consequences to not maintaining GDPR compliance, and some of that can go up as high as 20 million euros or more, so it is absolutely essential for every company operating within that space to remain GDPR compliant under all circumstances.

How GDPR Compliance Can be Problematic During the Lockdown

The main problem with maintaining GDPR compliance during the Covid-19 Lockdown is a lack of interpersonal communication with key employees. If the proper and required guidance is not provided by GDPR experts to each and every employee working remotely, it’s only a matter of time before they end up making a mistake.

What is the Difference in Safety between Working from Home and Working from Office?

The primary difference between working from home and working in an office is that the former lacks a secure environment for employees to work in without having to worry about cybersecurity. Data safety can easily be unwittingly compromised by an employee if the appropriate safety measures are not in place.

For example, if an employee accesses a particularly sensitive piece of data from their smartphone, which isn’t properly protected or has already been compromised, it can easily lead to leaked client/customer information. Not only will that void GDPR compliance standards, but it can also lead to a whole list of other problems such as ransom demands from the hackers, a bad reputation in the market, and a lawsuit from the client. A combination of all these factors can bankrupt a company.

How to Double Down on Data Security and Cyber Safety During the Lockdown

Given how difficult it is to stay GDPR compliant and protect client information in a remote working environment, no measure is completely safe. However, you can mitigate the risks by consulting and working with professional data security experts such as Impreza IT Computer Support. The Microsoft Gold Partner company provides IT Support Kent, which SMEs need badly at this time to keep their client data safe during the lockdown.

From developing specific, client-oriented cybersecurity solutions for small and medium-sized companies, to advising and actively taking steps to ensure GDPR compliance even amidst the lockdown, IT experts can offer the level of support companies operating in the EU zone requires right now to remain legal, operational and effective, even while working remotely.

In addition to consulting experts, constant communication should also be maintained with each and every employee who is working at home during this time. They should be advised either directly or indirectly by cybersecurity experts to keep data from being mishandled and consequently stolen.

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